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AiG’s Worldwide ministry has finished its outreach in Vancouver, where a team of 110 volunteers witnessed to people from around the world as they visited Canada for the Winter Olympics. It was encouraging to see a report of this Olympics outreach in the Vancouver Sun newspaper. The headline of the article stated: “Christian sisters spread the gospel of creationism.”

AiG at Vancouver Olympics

The article continued:

You’ll see all sorts of sports apparel in downtown Vancouver this week. But one of the most unusual items is a Mountie-red hoodie with football sweater shoulder stripes and a blue logo of a stylized skater atop the name “answersingenesis.org.”

It was sported by sisters Christine and Michelle Diem, who came from Myerstown, Pennsylvania “to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all the people around here.”

They found the masses at the Olympic cauldron beside the new convention centre. They passed out pamphlets and basked in the sunshine. It was their first visit to Vancouver, and they loved it

. . . the sisters would be out rain or shine for answersingenesis.org, which Michelle explains is “a ministry for creationism” based on Genesis 1.1 in the Bible. The pamphlet they were handing out was titled Gold Rush Vancouver.

“It has a little bit about the [1897] gold rush that was here in Vancouver, and how people search for gold, seeking gold like the athletes,” said Christine, 27. “[But] the real gold that's worth seeking is the city of gold, the heavenly city.”

Truly Inspired Writing

We received this feedback concerning the witnessing booklet our team handed out to people during the Olympics outreach in Canada. The letter stated:

I just wanted to say how I appreciated the booklet that we were supplied with for the Winter Olympics evangelism effort in Vancouver. The information was excellent, but more important was the organization of the writing. The way it is written allows a person to get involved with the information without going into it with their “God alert shield” up.

The way it pays tribute to the efforts of the Olympians, then segues to the history of the Vancouver gold rush in 1858 before leading the reader subtly into how gold is mentioned in the Bible. Then the flow is back to fool’s gold and how that it not only fooled many gold seekers, but it fools many people today thinking that they are living good lives. This was truly inspired writing and I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with an excellent witnessing tool.

On Monday, the Answers in Genesis site will have a report—with photos—on this unique evangelistic outreach.

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