Deadly Disclosures: Fiction with a Difference

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Many people tell us that they sometimes find it hard to read a non-fiction book (e.g., on science topics) and that they prefer novels instead. Some people would rather watch DVDs, listen to our radio program, or take a fantastic “walk through the Bible” inside our Creation Museum. As technology increases, so do our avenues for teaching God’s truth to all people young and old. People all around the globe can now receive the culturally relevant messages we at AiG have to give.

Well, now we have another source—one that will get all of you fiction fans excited. Given that our ministry is pointing people away from stories and to the truth of God’s Word, we have not normally promoted fiction material—unless it has a clear message that points to the truth of the biblical teaching that we provide on the creation/gospel message.

Through the genre of a thrilling, “nail-biting” mystery book (that I think you won’t be able to put down), talented fiction writer Julie Cave has written a great novel. It will help fiction fans everywhere engage with the foundational importance of the biblical authority message we give—and its impact on the culture.

Deadly Disclosures is centered around the creation/evolution controversy and the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. I really see this book as something of a “big arrow” pointing people toward the great range of resources we have at AiG—that we all need to access in order to be equipped to deal with the skeptical questions of our time. Apart from it leading people to understand some of the basic issues we see as being so important in the world today, the book points people to Christ. And it’s just a great read—one of those books you will love to take on vacation with you.

Anyone, Christian or non-Christian, who reads Deadly Disclosure will experience an informative and exciting book—with a mystery theme—related to the creation/evolution debate. And they will read about the gospel.

The first chapter of Deadly Disclosures is already available to read. Keep watching for the full release of Deadly Disclosures coming soon.

“State of the Nation” Photographs

The following is a selection of photographs taken during the recent “State of the Nation” presentation given inside the Creation Museum:

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You can view the “State of the Nation” presentation on the website, or you can download the video inexpensively or purchase the DVD.


I be to them as a little sanctuary

(Ezekiel 11:16) Therefore say, Thus says the Lord GOD; Although I have cast them far off among the heathen, and although I have scattered them among the countries, yet will I be to them as a little sanctuary in the countries where they shall come.

Our quiet times with the presence and thoughts of the Lord Jesus Christ, whether in a quiet room alone or in a crowded place, can be as a little sanctuary and retreat.

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