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Here is a great testimony from a mom about the influence of Answers in Genesis on her daughter Katie:

This is a report that our 5th grade daughter, Katie Lee wrote . . . can I take a Mommy moment to brag and share it with you? . . . I was so proud of her! She asked if we could send it to Ken Ham, so I told her that I would. What it says is exactly what we have worked so hard to teach and be sure that she knows!
Answers in Genesis has played a large part in helping our children and us form the proper biblical worldview. We appreciate you and your ministry! Please keep up the amazing work!
This is the assignment:


Write a paper on what you believe. Write a two hundred word report on one of the sections of this unit. “The Bible As the Word of God,” “The Creation of the World,” or “The Resurrection of Christ.” Show why the subject is important and how you would convince someone else that it is true. Have the teacher help you evaluate it.
[Here is her response:]

Genesis 1:1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

When people sign their name on something you can tell who made it or wrote it. It’s the same way with God and His creation. I know you’re probably thinking how could that work if there is no signature? Well here is your answer . . . . You know how beautiful the world is on sunny days, on snowy days, and even on rainy days? People are beautiful, and people are smart! Well that is God’s way of giving us His “signature”.
You are unique in your own way. Where do you think you got that birth mark on your arm or your talent in school, or your love for animals? Do you think you could have gotten that from a tiny molecule in outer space or do you think that someone special made you unique? God made you and he loves you in a way you couldn’t imagine! He will never stop loving you no matter what Psalm 19:1 The heavens and earth are telling of the glory of God and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Jesus Loves you forever and ever! He always will! He made you!

It was a thrill to be in Canada this past weekend for a conference in Abbotsford (near the Vancouver Olympics). I again want to recommend that if you are from Canada, you become a member of the Creation Science Association of British Columbia. They have a tremendous outreach with speaking events and the distribution of Answers in Genesis resources to the people of Canada. I encourage you to visit this leading creation ministry in Canada at

I received many great testimonies at the conference. One man told me he was a theistic evolutionist and was working in the USA. He met a person from Canada who had obtained a copy of my book The Lie and gave to him to read. It totally turned him around, and now he is an on- fire, young-earth creationist standing solidly on the authority of God’s Word! Praise the Lord of the way this ministry has greatly affected lives over the many years.

Olympic Update

Dr. David Crandall of Answers Worldwide sent this note about our witnessing team at the winter Olympics in Canada (they will be in Canada until the end of the week):
The 110 AiG Olympic Team has witnessed to people from 35 Countries and distributed 17,985 copies of the booklet “The Vancouver Gold Rush” . . . . our team is very excited about this ministry.
Also, a popular Christian website (among many others) carried a report on our Olympic outreach.

“Love the Magazine!”

An Answers magazine subscriber wrote:
I love the magazine! The best thing about it is the audio version of the articles. I use my iPod everyday, so I can take the magazine with me wherever I go. My only hope & request is that every article would have an audio version. Group all the Perspective articles together in one audio and all the Impact articles together in one audio.
Answers magazine is more than just a magazine—with an associated website with lots of extra material, the audio articles, the kids section, the digital magazine—this is the world’s leading creation apologetics magazine. If you don’t receive Answers, go to our online store for details.


They got not neither did their own arm save them

(Psalm 44:3) For they got not the land in possession by their own sword, neither did their own arm save them: but thy right hand, and your arm, and the light of thy countenance, because you had a favor unto them.

Our great temptation is to say that God is our provider and saves us, but then to fret, worry, and behave like He does not take care of us.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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