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Remember my quiz question from Monday, asking if you could identify the football stadium in the photo?

Football Stadium

The first person to answer correctly was a man in . . . are you ready? Canada! Congratulations to Arnold B. in Ontario! He guessed that it was the stadium where the Cincinnati Bengals play football (Paul Brown Stadium to be specific).

Everyone else got the answer right except two people—one wrote that it was the field for the San Francisco 49ers and the other thought it was the Denver Broncos stadium.

My friend Ken Moyer, who is with the ministry Athletes in Action and is a former Bengals player, was nice enough to give me tickets to last weekend's game between the Bengals and the Detroit Lions (the Bengals won, and they are leading their division).

Meanwhile, the contest winner in Canada wrote us (to Mark Looy, AiG’s CCO) when he heard that he was the first one to correctly guess:

Hi Mark,

Now this is exciting! I showed my family your email. The building in the background along with the fans wearing Bengals jerseys gave me the idea. My brother & I were at the [AiG] Creation College 3 back in the summer and I'm pretty sure we passed by the stadium on the way in & out of Cincinnati.

Thanks very much. I want to thank you & all the people at AiG. We have tons of your material at our house and also at our place of work. We hold seminars from time to time in our conference room for any youth group (or any group) that wants to come & hear. We find having lots of your material on hand and offering it to individuals & church libraries is a very effective way to get the message out and to let people know about AiG, its website, & the Creation Museum (we’ve been 4 times). We were at the “behind the scenes” museum tour and helped to lift the animatronic raptor from the lower level to its present location. The museum is absolutely 1st rate.

Thanks again and God bless Answers in Genesis as He has in the past.

—A.B., Ontario, Canada

We are sending an autographed copy of our new book Dinosaurs for Kids to Arnold in Ontario.


This is an email received from another person who correctly answered the quiz above—but was not the first one to be received:

I enjoy reading the updated posts on Ken Ham's blog and noticed today that there is a little quiz. After a bit of research with football teams, colors and stadiums, I would like to submit my answer :)—I believe the photo was taken at the Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio—home of the Bengals.

I am sure this was answered already, but it sure was fun to look it up and email you guys at AiG. Ken Ham and the staff at AiG are a true inspiration. My husband and I are so grateful to have an uncle who introduced us to your videos, books, AiG magazine and the AiG site. We are forever grateful for the time and devotion that Ken Ham and the AiG staff spend sharing the true meaning of the Word with us all. Thank you for your time. God bless.

A Grand Family

Dr. John and Dot Whiteside, along with their daughter Lori and her husband Boyd and 8 of their 9 children, visited this week from North Carolina. They are in town for a Bible conference—where I will be speaking tonight (Thursday).

Whiteside Family

John went on last April’s AiG tour of Israel and took his grandson Thomas with him—it was Thomas’ high school graduation present. Thomas, who is not in the photo, will visit our museum on Monday.

Here is a photo of John taken last April inside what is claimed to be the remains of Caiapahas’ house/palace in Jerusalem (see Matthew 26:3).

Dr. Whiteside at Caiaphas’s House

For info on our next great tour of Israel (in October)—which will look at the geology and geography of the land of the Bible and connect it to the Flood of Noah (led by geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling and veteran Israel guide Dr. David Crandall)—go to our outreach page. Our trip to Israel a few years ago really made the Bible come alive for Mally and me, and I heard that the hotels, food, and guides arranged for by our tour operator are wonderful.

In a few days, I will post a video I recorded recently so that you can learn more about our October tour.


Doubtless thou art our Father

(Isaiah 63:16) Doubtless you are our father, though Abraham be ignorant of us, and Israel acknowledge us not: you, O LORD, are our father, our redeemer; your name is from everlasting.

A Jew is acknowledged Jewish in Israel if he embraces any religion unless he has received the Lord Jesus Christ, but the Father does, and the Holy Spirit agrees.

Thanks for topping by and thanks for praying,

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