Famed Movie Reviewer Roger Ebert: A Poor Researcher

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Famed movie reviewer Roger Ebert (and former popular TV host) showed his true humanistic colors in a blog item he wrote with scathing attacks on those who believe God’s Word in Genesis.  As is true of so many who write such attacks against biblical Christianity, he doesn’t use logical or scientific arguments—just the usual name calling that is found in his mocking critique that such people often resort to who don’t understand the real arguments.

For a famed film critic, I was also somewhat surprised at his lack of careful research.  For instance, he stated:

My only purpose is state early and often that if a Presidential candidate believes early humans used saddles to ride on the backs of dinosaurs, as they are depicted at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, that candidate should not be elected President.

I have written a number of blogs about this “dinosaur saddle” accusation that secularists have made.  Anyone who visits the Creation Museum will easily understand that we do have a very serious and extensive dinosaur exhibits, that even impress our critics who visit.  However,  as a fun item for kids, and no different to what one finds in shopping centers, children's museums, and many other places, we have a small dinosaur with a saddle so that children can hop on and get their photograph taken. It's not a part of our dino exhibit at all—it's a photo op found at the end of the museum where parents can take pictures of their children riding a small Triceratops. (Now, we do believe that humans and dinosaurs have coexisted; we present some compelling evidence inside the museum and on this website to support our belief.)

For this famed film critic to use this in the way he has to malign the quality and seriousness of the museum's exhibits shows a total ignorance of the real situation—it is obviously meant to deliberately mislead people and undermine our integrity. If that is the sort of research he uses in writing his reviews (he viciously critiques a place he apparently has never visited; if he had done so, he could have at least avoided writing such a misleading comment), how could one trust anything he says!!  You can read his entire anti-Christian piece.

Fireproof Author Here

Many of you have seen the recent Christian film Fireproof. You may be aware that as the movie was being released, a book of the same title also came out. The book Fireproof became a bestseller, and the film did very well also. The Fireproof author, Eric Wilson, was here at the museum on Thursday.

Eric was accompanied by his friend Kyle Saylors, who toured our museum several weeks ago as he was helping to film a new documentary on dragons and dinosaurs for CloudTen Productions. His wife Erica, by the way, is a musician and is featured in a reality TV series called Inspired Ambition (her website is www.ericalanemusic.com).

By the way, the star of the Fireproof movie—Kirk Cameron—will be at our museum later this month.

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