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The audio track of our Already Gone DVD will be aired on the Bible Broadcasting Network (BBN Radio) tomorrow (Friday) at 2:30pm (ET). It will be part of the “Building Blocks for the Family” program. At that time on Friday, click on the LISTEN tab on the left after you log on to BBN Radio.

A Christmas Gift with Eternal Benefits

Looking for that perfect Christmas present? Why not pass on your biblical heritage to your children by giving a gift for them to attend the Defending the Faith 2010 conference next summer in the beautiful Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee (along the Great Smoky Mountains). What an awesome opportunity to give a gift to your children and grandchildren that will equip them for the future.

And while taking in outstanding biblical apologetics teaching you can also enjoy some of the family-friendly attractions in the area; like the Miracle Theater.

Over 1000 people have already booked in for this powerful conference week.  Go to the AiG website for more information:

This past week I was in Tennessee and had the opportunity to preview The Miracle, one of the nearby attractions that our “Defending the Faith” guests can take advantage of at a great discount. This exciting epic production features a cast of actors, singers, live animals, and stunning special effects to bring to life the history and ministry of Christ. You will see salvation’s story weaved throughout the Bible, from creation and the promised Savior to His sacrifice on Calvary and His glorious resurrection and ascension. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this inspirational family event when you register for “Defending the Faith 2010.” (You get one free child’s ticket with each paid adult ticket)

I will tell you more about the Defending the Faith conference and other area attractions in future blogs.

Visit Israel—You’ll Never Be the Same

Once again this coming year (October 2010), AiG will be hosting a tour to Israel.  Let me give you my perspective on this country and encourage you to consider being a part of this unique tour:

I’ve had the privilege of visiting many countries over the years. But none has had more significance and blessing to me as a Christian than touring Israel.

Our Bible-upholding ministry of Answers in Genesis and our Creation Museum are built around the theme of defending the authority and accuracy of the Bible from its very first verse. I urge you to consider visiting Israel—where you’ll discover that the Bible truly comes alive at its dozens of incredible biblical sites. Although Jerusalem in and of itself is an absolutely fascinating city, there are many other places in Israel that tie into Christ’s ministry on earth. There are just so many remarkable places to visit, like the mountaintop fortress of Masada on the spectacular Dead Sea. I have also enjoyed the tranquil and beautiful sections up north near the Sea of Galilee.

I’m not necessarily a person who needs a tour guide when I travel abroad, but Israel is the exception. The excellent guides provided through Pilgrim Tours know their Bible extremely well. On top of this, our tour will feature wonderful teaching provided by Dr. Andrew Snelling of our staff. He will take you to southern parts of Israel where few tourists visit. There, he will relate the Flood of Noah’s time to the wonderful geological features seen there. Dr. David Crandall, head of AiG Worldwide and who has been to Israel 17 times, will also be speaking.

Seeing Israel’s Bible sites was just an incredible time for Mally and me. Might I suggest that you bring your family October 2010?  In our ministry’s 2009 tour of Israel, we had parents bring their teenage children—and one grandfather brought along his 17-year-old grandson. Visiting Israel can be a great family experience as you learn the Bible together.   I wholeheartedly endorse traveling to the land of the Bible. You’ll never be the same.

For further information on the 2010 Israel Tour, go to this website.


I have set before thee this day

(Deuteronomy 30:15, 19) See, I have set before you this day life and good, and death and evil…I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

The Lord Jesus Christ trains us to choose right by constantly setting before us life & death & good & evil & right & wrong so we will learn to choose life.

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