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Over the weekend our Creation Museum guests were treated to a wonderful concert by Benny Prasad from Bangalore, India. I met Benny a few months ago when I spoke at a conference in New Jersey for pastors (and other Christian leaders) originally from India—who are now here in America to minister to Indian people living all across the US.

In this photo taken inside the museum’s theater, you can see a guitar that is Benny’s own invention. Notice that he has two bongo drums placed on it. He has also designed a 54-string guitar.

Benny Prasad


The U.S. is one of 224 countries in which he’s ministered, so he has a couple of dozen countries yet to go. (He will be on his last continent in a few months—Antarctica.) He may be the most-traveled musician ever. In fact, see what he’s holding in the next photo? It’s his very thick Indian passport! And I thought I traveled a lot!

Benny Prasad


Benny is a delightful man with a wonderful testimony of God’s grace. You can watch a short video clip of him performing in the museum by clicking here (note: it was taken on a cell phone, and so the video and audio quality is mediocre).

Here are two more photos—a close up of Benny playing his guitar and one of me and Benny in the Main Hall of the Creation Museum:

Benny Prasad

Ken Ham and Benny Prasad


Accolades for AiG’s Science Curriculum

We received this email this past week:
. . . please pass on to AIG . . . how much I appreciate their Biblical Worldview focus in the Science curriculum. . . . thanks to AIG for printing a well-written Science curriculum from a mom and teacher who wants children to see God in all of life!
If you have never considered AiG’s creation-based science curriculum for elementary/middle school and even into junior high—then go to AiG’s online resource store.

AiG Goes to Bolivia

Creous Ramdath, a creation speaker who was recently trained at the AiG WorldWide International Training Seminar has traveled from his homeland in Peru to the country of Bolivia. Creous and his wife Elizabeth made creation presentations in colleges and churches throughout that South American country. Creous wrote Dr. Crandall, our international director, to tell him about the great meetings they had experienced and concluded by saying:
Our visit to Bolivia was a success and we believe that the Lord had planted the seeds in the hearts of many who heard about the creation model.
Creous reports that many were saved and Christians were greatly encouraged. Creous and his wife believe that God has called them to reach Spanish-speaking South America and that Bolivia is just the first stop. Twenty two countries now have AiG-trained speakers through our WorldWide ITS program.


The God of the whole earth

(Isaiah 54:5) For your Maker is your husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and your Redeemer the Holy One of Israel; The God of the whole earth shall he be called.

When far from home and in a land where the Lord Jesus Christ is not honored, it is therapeutic to remember that He is the God of the whole earth.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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