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I have always said that one of the vital missions of Answers in Genesis is to spread resources throughout the nation—and around the world—to overcome the censorship that exists in public education (and through much of the secular media) that denies people the truth concerning the evidence against evolution/billions of years. Through AiG's website, conferences, Creation Museum bookstore, and other channels, we do our best to pour out resources into this nation.

Here is a comment about this that we received this week:

Just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your wonderful resources. I teach middle and high school science and also assist in directing a homeschool co-op, and we have ordered and used many of your good resources. I am using Dr. Lisle’s logic articles of late in my science class; we have ordered and are using the New Answers for Kids books, several good DVDs, and I have ordered and read many of your excellent books to help me become a better Creation Science and Apologetic teacher. I have also used your PowerPoint presentations as visual aides in my class.

I just wanted to say thank you and you are making a difference for Christ. Thank you so much.

Make sure you go to AiG's online resources store to see the staggering list of resources now available—and some of the new DVDs and books.

Those Named and Not Named in the Bible

AiG's board chairman, Pastor Don Landis, presented a devotion to the AiG staff yesterday dealing with why some people are named and others are not in the Bible. This was another special encouraging and challenging devotion for the staff. You can listen to it at this link: here.


Strength is to sit still at the Cross

(Isaiah 30:7) For the Egyptians shall help in vain, and to no purpose: therefore have I cried concerning this, Their strength is to sit still.

Our strength comes from when we spend quiet time in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ, which requires us to sit still to worship and adore Him at the Cross.

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