Spectacular New Dinosaur Book

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Master Books has just produced what they believe is the best children’s book they’ve ever published—Dinosaurs for Kids.

The artwork in this book is absolutely spectacular.

Based on the 7 C’s we are using in our Creation Museum, I came up with seven ages for dinosaurs—all starting with the letter F: Formed, Fearless, Fallen, Flood, Faded, Found, Fiction. Of course, we live in what could be called the Age of Fiction, where kids are taught a certain fiction about dinosaurs—fiction such as millions of years and dinosaurs dying out before people.

This dinosaur book also does something else secular books don’t do—it teaches kids (and big kids—adults!) about what/how evolutionists believe and compares their ideas to biblical history. Those who read the book will be taught the true history of the world and how the Bible explains dinosaurs. This book is biblical-authority based, apologetics in orientation, and gospel in thrust. Everyone who reads the book will hear the gospel.

The book is also filled with lots of facts about the different dinosaurs, fossils, and so on. It could even be used to supplement a science course in school, homeschool, etc..

You can see some full-page spreads and order this brand new, spectacular book from the AiG online store.

Another Challenging Devotion

AiG board member Dan Chin (from Chicago) gave the staff a challenging devotion yesterday. I praise the Lord for the godly board members He brought to be in authority over AiG. Listen to the talk:



Take His outstretched arm

(Isaiah 27:5) Or let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with me; and he shall make peace with me.

The lost say that it is too difficult to come to God and be saved from sins, but the Lord Jesus Christ says to take His outstretched arm and let Him pull them up to God.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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