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I meet so many people at the Creation Museum who travel from outside the local area just to visit. Around 70% of attendees come to the region specifically to see the Creation Museum. This past week we met a family from California. Karl & Charlotte Gross could not wait to come.

Museum Guests

They first heard me speak in the 1980s and have followed the ministry for many years. They saved their frequent flier miles and their hotel points specifically for this trip to the museum. Being self-employed, Karl told us that it is a little more difficult to take time off: “This is our vacation.”

They brought three of their grandchildren on the trip from California, though they live on opposite ends of the state. Karl said, “If I am going to take them on vacation, I want them to learn something.” He even told the grandchildren they had to know the 7 C’s before they could get on the plane home. After the first day, the Men in White show, the Dinosaur Den, and the Petting Zoo were some of the day’s highlights. Day two—a scavenger hunt using The Complete Creation Museum Adventure.

From the Heart of a Pastor

It is so encouraging to us when we receive feedback such as the following, which is from a pastor whose church we were privileged to minister in this year:

What you taught me and “helped me to see” will help me to be a better pastor and equipper. For that, I will be eternally grateful. May the grace of our Great God continue to rest on you and your global work. You will be in our prayers of thanksgiving and intercession.

We look forward to staying in touch with AIG more closely now than ever before to see how God continues to allow you to see your dreams become reality. There are thousands more people to be blessed by the work at the museum and tens of thousands to be blessed through the materials of AiG as you pursue the call of God on your life.

You have made a deep impact on me that will be eternal. Thank you for doing that through honoring the call of God on your life.

Oh, for more pastors with such a heart.


Let him lead him out

(1 John 2:11) darkness has blinded his eyes.
(Hebrews 8:9) I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt

I saw a blind man on a train in Japan, and the conductor said to him to put his hand on his back and let him lead him off the train. Likewise we are to be the ‘soul-winning’ conductors.

Tom Cantor

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