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Answers in Genesis is well advanced on building a new exhibit that will be installed in the Creation Museum in next few months—to equip people with more answers concerning the claims of secular scientists about man’s supposed evolution. The new exhibit features information about the supposed relative of humans—LUCY!

As part of the exhibit, Creation Museum sculptors—under the direction of Dr. David Menton of our staff (PhD in biology, and an award-winning professor of anatomy)—have produced the head of what we believe Lucy really looked like. Evolutionist models of Lucy have her looking partly human. The sculpture is not finished—but here is a preliminary look at how AiG’s Lucy is “evolving.”


Special Guest

This week, special guest Pastor Wilbert Ellis (husband of AiG’s VP of Administration, Kathy Ellis) gave a devotion to the AiG staff. We often invite a pastor from the local area to speak to our staff. Here is a photograph of Pastor Ellis as he spoke this past week:

Wilbert Ellis

His devotional was on Christians being holy; interestingly, the author of the popular book The Pursuit of Holiness had just toured the museum the day before.

Meet the CEO

When I am back in the office, the museum staff often organizes a “meet the CEO” time at the Creation Museum. It is a thrill and privilege for me to meet museum guests and find out more about those people–coming far and wide—who are visiting. Here are two photographs from the meet and greet time this past week:

Meet the CEO Meet the CEO

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