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One of the best-selling Christian authors of recent decades is Jerry Bridges. He and his wife Jane—who live in Colorado—toured our Creation Museum on Wednesday with friends from Indiana. This was their first museum visit, although they are museum members. Jerry once spoke in my (late) brother’s church in Queensland, Australia, about 15 years ago.

Jerry and his wife especially enjoyed the large Ark exhibit and also the geology displays (including one on the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens) that show that geologic features on earth are largely formed through catastrophic processes—like a global Flood.

Jerry Bridges and group

Museum members Chris and Carrie Thifault from the Indianapolis area are on the left and then Jane and Jerry Bridges—with AiG staff member Cecil Eggert on the far right. When he was a pastor, Cecil used Jerry’s books to minister to many hurting people. They are standing inside our museum’s Dinosaur Den.

Find more about Jerry’s many books—one of them has sold over a million copies!

AiG in the Country of Georgia

It was thrilling to receive this email from the country of Georgia (country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia).

I’ve been passing around my [Answers magazine] print copy of the Curse issue to friends at the English-speaking church I attend. Several indicated a desire to purchase the digital version when it is ready . . . .

Also, I wanted to tell you that I’m teaching English to some 4th and 5th grade boys here. Our current unit is about the zoo. I have printed some materials from your Answers for Kids website about animals. Also, I printed a few of the activities. This past week, my boys made tiger and turtle bookmarks (printed from your website). They loved them. Also, it says that the animals can’t be more than 6000 years old. So, one of the parents asked me about it and it gave me a wonderful opportunity for witness!

I use your materials often! I have the Zoo Guide and Aquarium Guide, and my boys have enjoyed looking at the pictures of animals in those books. I have copied the info about the animals they are most interested in and simplified the text for them. . . . They are enjoying the “Fun Facts” so much! I’m so happy to have your wonderful materials!

Thank God

Every day we receive feedback like this—this one coming from a PhD (originally from China) who has children with PhD and MD degrees:

Thank God for these Biblical Creation organizations like yours. They are so much needed in our age. We also really enjoyed the Creation Museum; just the atmosphere itself was so pleasant, felt like the U.S. society 50 years ago! How sad this country has gone the wrong way!

–Dr. E. S.

This person may not have made the comment about “felt like the US society 50 years ago” had they come when the 285 atheists visited and scoffed last month—but other than that, the comment fits because the majority of people who visit the Creation Museum are very polite.


God’s Reason

(Isaiah 1:9) Except the Lord of hosts had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gomorrah.

It is the remnant of Jewish believers in the Lord Jesus Christ whose exsistence are today cursed by Israel, yet are God’s reason for not destroying all of Israel.

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