Same Old, Same Old

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It’s sad, but a reality of this world is that Christian academics like Karl Giberson (whom I debated on—and is from Eastern Nazarene College and vice president of the BioLogos Foundation—see previous blog posts about his theology that undermines the authority of Scripture) use the same old false arguments against Answers in Genesis.

I guess if you throw enough mud, maybe some of it will stick.

Yesterday, on the well-visited site of, Giberson wrote about us:

The anti-evolutionary literature has been forever smearing evolution and, to a lesser degree, Darwin. Organizations like the Institute for Creation Research and Answers in Genesis have long maintained that evolution is responsible for most, if not all, of society's ills, from rampant pornography and abortion, to euthanasia and teenage promiscuity. But these claims are easy to dismiss; the people making them are professional evolution bashers, trained in science, not intellectual history, and largely preaching to sympathetic choirs.
Let me categorically state once again, and as is stated on our website, and as Giberson (or any researcher would quickly find even doing a cursory read of our website and other materials) would know (but he accuses us anyway—as it is a typical ploy of those who oppose AiG’s position to falsely represent what we teach in the hopes that it will undermine our integrity): Answers in Genesis does not blame evolution for “most, if not all, of society’s ills, from rampant pornography and abortion, to euthanasia and teenage promiscuity.” As we state over and over again (and I’ve stated on this blog before as others misrepresent us in a similar way), it is sin that is responsible for such things—not evolution. The evolution connection is that the teaching of evolution and millions of years has become a stumbling block to many that keeps them from believing the Bible is true. Thus, if people reject the Bible and consider there is no absolute authority, then for them, morality is relative.

One would think that an academic (who teaches at a Christian university) would understand such a basic concept—but it seems his emotional attachment to evolution/millions of years and rejection of a literal Genesis overrules logic and the obvious in this instance.

To understand more about what this professor at a Nazarene school believes (or actually, does not believe) concerning the Scriptures, go to my previous blog post here.

Truly Awesome

We are receiving many testimonies as to how the book Already Gone (and its reported research into why young people are leaving the church) is having a tremendous impact on churches. Here is one such example received this week:
I recently bought a case of Already Gone and passed it out to friends and all of my pastors. My wife and I also led a biblical worldview group this summer—in which, we viewed the webcast State of the Nation. We were not sure how the book or the information within the book would be received, but our Lord had it all taken care of . . . .

[O]ver the last two Sundays, the individual in charge of our youth ministry (who received a copy of the book) has spoken to the entire congregation about the importance of discipleship, having a biblical worldview, and each of our roles within the lives of our youth—utilizing facts and passages from the book. It is truly awesome to see how God can get our attention!

Thank you for such a timely book. I am not sure if you will receive this message, but it is my hope and prayer that it will encourage you both. God Bless.


To the same degree

(Numbers 11:1) And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD: and the LORD heard it; and his anger was kindled; and the fire of the LORD burnt among them, and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts of the camp.

The Lord Jesus Christ has shown an enormous degree of favor on us by providing for our every need, and to complain is to offend Him to the same degree.

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