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Over the years, I have heard of many instances where it is the children who have pleaded with their parents to bring them to one of our seminars. For example, after a morning service featuring an AiG speaker, they want to return that evening to hear our presentations.

Last night in Florida (near Orlando), an eight-year-old girl said, “Mr. Ham, I pleaded with my parents to bring me back tonight—so they came. I love your messages.” I find that young people warm up so much to what we say because it gives them answers, and as one young person said, “It makes the Bible real.” Kids love to hear about the Bible and how it connects to the real world of fossils, dinosaurs , etc.

A lady told me that many years ago her 10-year-old son heard me speak at one of our school assemblies (associated with a regional AiG conference) in Florida. She said he came home so excited and asked his parents to take him to the conference. She said he has “never looked back” in his Christian life—and is in Christian work today.

I received many other exciting testimonies on Sunday and also had many people tell me they were going to make the time to visit the Creation Museum. As I said to them, “It is so easy to get to the Creation Museum from Florida—just get on Interstate 75, head north until you get to Northern Kentucky and Interstate 275, head west on 275 toward the Cincinnati Airport, and get off at exit 11. That’s where the Creation Museum is located!


God not ashamed to be called their God

(Hebrews 11:16) But now they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for He has prepared for them a city.

We are concerned that our lives should never make God ashamed to be called our God.

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