5K Run on the Museum Grounds

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Young people in grades 7–12 who attend public, private, and homeschools came out over the weekend for a 5K race on the Creation Museum property (we have almost 50 acres). This was the second such (free) race—the first was on April 24, and the next one will be September 19. There’s more information on the Creation Museum website, where you can read in part:

Come compete in an exciting run across the grounds of the Creation Museum. . . . Students are invited to our second cross-country race. Participation from Christian schools is encouraged, but individual public school and homeschooled students are also welcome! . . . Our main course is marked out for a 5K run, but we will also have a 3K option.
The first runner to complete the 3K last weekend was Brandon D. with a time of 20:02. The top 5K finisher was Eric H. with a time of 24:02.

A race report—with more photos—can be found here.

Donated AiG Materials in Mexico

Last year Dr. Joseph Kezele, M.D., president of the Arizona Origin Science Association, along with youth and adults from Black Mountain Baptist Church in Cave Creek, Arizona, participated in a special mission trip to Escuinapa, Mexico (in the state of Sinaloa), at a church called Bethel Baptist. There he gave Spanish-language PowerPoint presentations: “Are Dinosaurs More Recent Than You Think?,” “Fossils and the Flood,” “Where Did the Thousands of Languages Come From,” and “Why Won’t They Listen?”

Answers in Genesis donated Spanish-language books and DVDs for the church’s library. Last week, the following note was received from Melquiades Llanes, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church:

I give thanks to God for the great blessing and privilege that it was for our church to hear that teaching about the book of Genesis and everything relating to defending our faith and doctrine from the first book that is Genesis, which is without a doubt fundamental for the comprehension of all Scripture. And even more it shows us why our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world in order to save that which had been lost. The material and articles that I have read from Answers in Genesis in Spanish for me have been a great blessing and help.
I give thanks to God for this privilege of carrying His message of salvation from the first verse of the Bible that is Genesis 1:1. God bless you.


Perfumed medicinal salve

(Song of Solomon 1:3) Because of the savour of thy good ointments thy name is as ointment poured forth.

We are bearers of the perfumed medicinal salve and that salve is the spoken full name of the Lord Jesus Christ; when we say it there is instruction and healing.

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