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Answers in Genesis supporter Jackie Frisch and her family of 11 children in Toledo, Ohio, were on the popular ABC-TV program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this past Sunday evening. This reality TV show builds a new home for a family with a very special need–they usually tear down one home and put up a totally new house . . . in less than a week! It’s all rather impressive.

Jackie and her husband Aaron adopted five boys from Haiti and three children from inner-city Toledo—they also have three biological children. They lacked the room to support a large family—and Jackie suffered from a very serious illness. The children adopted from Haiti came as a result of a missions trip in 2001, where the Frisches saw the poverty of this Third-World nation and how the orphans there had little hope.

Jackie, as she shared with us several months ago, is seriously ill—she suffers from a rare genetic disorder that can lead to major problems (vascular in particular). She has suffered through some strokes, but her husband told us yesterday that she has had some stretches of two weeks or longer when she has been feeling better.

As a Creation Museum visitor and avid Bible student, Jackie is the author of A Walk Through Creation: A Closer Look at Genesis Chapter One. Find out more about her book (which we are reviewing ourselves, as it comes highly recommended by a knowledgeable friend of ours) by reading an article about her that was written by a religion reporter (who has also covered the Creation Museum—in a fair and balanced way). You’ll also find out about a youth outreach she has at her church.

Please pray for Jackie’s continued improvement in her health. Can you can imagine how busy she is with so many people under her (new) roof!?

Also, another ministry friend was in touch with us recently—Darek Isaacs, who runs an apologetics outreach called Watchmen 33 and the author of a book we carry The Extinction of Evolution. He sent us a kind email after visiting us again to share how the Answers in Genesis ministry has been a blessing to him:

From the history that I have with your organization, I am constantly encouraged and impressed with the excellence of your ministry, and your professionalism that you conduct yourself with. I do not think it is a coincidence that your ministry has been blessed with overflowing support from the Christian community at large, and simultaneously attacked by the enemy with unyielding vitriol and venom.
I was speaking with a publisher of Christian products recently, and I brought up your ministry and its impact. I said to them, “When was the last time a Christian bookstore or a church was picketed and targeted in the secular media so relentlessly?”
My point in that conversation is that the reaction that AiG receives from the world is consistent with the reaction that Jesus Christ foretold would happen to His followers. I do not take it lightly that most of the churches are ignored by secular forces, whereas AiG is repeatedly attacked. Therefore, your authenticity is confirmed by your fruit, at least from my perspective.
Thank you for your warm hospitality; I greatly enjoyed my visit, like I always do.



(Hebrews 1:1–3) God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son

Though we greatly enjoy and benefit from the Old Testament revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ we are thrilled with the full view of Him in New Testament.

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