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Students grades 7 through 12 are invited to submit their projects for next year’s Science Fair, February 27. The Creation Museum Science Fair is an opportunity for students from home schools, Christian schools, and public schools to present their research to scientists, learn more about the scientific method, and receive recognition and awards for their hard work.

This fair is open to students in junior and senior high, but space is limited, so students must plan their projects well. Once the experimental hypothesis and methodology are selected, students can apply using the forms available at Creation Museum Science Fair.

Proposal forms are due by September 30, 2009. If you are selected, you will be notified by the end of October with more details about the Science Fair.

One More Thing about USA Today . . .

I have some good news to report about the USA Today column that appeared on its website a few days ago. (Though we’re sad that USA Today printed another anti-creation column—by two Nazarene professors who believe in evolution—last week.)

A USA Today columnist who made an error in her posting about our Creation Museum—and who also uncritically presented the bizarre view of one of our opponents about a museum exhibit on the Tower of Babel and the origin of the people groups around the world—has now written, “I see their point on one issue and I have rewritten my original lead.” See her changes in Skeptics, creationists go toe to toe—again.

At the same time, and while she thankfully acknowledged that we did not invite the two evolutionist groups to our museum (as if we wanted to pick a fight), we wished the columnist would have asked us if we promote or agree with the horrible racist idea of the curse of Ham (to my knowledge she did not interview any of us on this issue). I don’t think she really understands how ludicrous the “curse of Ham” claim is, and if she had carefully read our refutation this week on my blog, I believe she would have admitted that this was a foolish and horribly wrong atheist implication about us—and not even posted the bogus, clearly wrong charge.

The so-called “curse of Ham” is not even mentioned in the museum (and it’s certainly not in the Bible). In the museum, we simply acknowledge the names of Noah’s three sons, including the descendants of his son Ham, some of whom settled in North Africa. Moreover, in our book Darwin’s Plantation [now printed under the title One Race One Blood] and on this website, we attack the racist view of a supposed curse of Ham.

To her credit, the columnist did provide a link for her readers to read our full blog item to refute that racist concept—maybe that was her way of letting us have our full say about the horrible “Hamite” stuff since she did not ask us about this accusation from atheists.

It’s just one victory in the media coverage of the creation/evolution issue, but her erratum about the two groups of skeptics who came here is a positive thing, and we thank the columnist for doing that (especially as we often see spin instead, as a reporter or columnist can try to dismiss what we have pointed out to them as wrong).



(Proverbs 24:16) For a just man falls seven times, and rises up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

As the sheep of the Lord Jesus Christ we are not characterized by our fallings into sin, but by our risings out of sin.

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