Children and the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on August 16, 2009

At the Creation Museum, after our guests have completed their tour of the exhibits, they come to an area at the bottom of the stairs before going up to the Dragon Hall bookstore. There you can find a model Triceratops for children 12 and under to hop on and have their photograph taken.  The secularists have taken this fun “photo op” item and childishly made a big deal out of it (which has been good publicity anyway, I suppose) in an attempt to scoff at AiG and the Creation Museum—implying that this was an actual museum exhibit to show human/dinosaur coexistence.  When the atheist group (285 people) visited recently, the atheist professor from Minnesota who led them (along with some others) hopped on this children’s item as you can see in the YouTube link below.  However, before going to this link, here is a photo of the sign that is next to the Triceratops:

Professor atop Triceratops

Now—watch the video of this atheist professor as he hops on the Triceratops—and notice how the sign appears a few times as the video records what is happening.  Who cares about signs as long as people can do whatever they want in disobedience of clear direction in their attempt to scoff at Christians?! Notice too how loud they could get inside the museum (which frequently was the case that day—our staff had to continually ask them to quiet down for the sake of our 2,000 guests).

Where Were These Taken?

License Plate Bumper Sticker Bumper Sticker Bumper Sticker Bumper Sticker Bumper Sticker Bumper Sticker

Answer: In the AiG parking lot when the 285 atheists visited.  As one looks at the messages on these bumper stickers, we need to pray for these very lost people who so desperately need the Lord.  Actually, I believe some of these messages really do reflect what the devil offered Adam and Eve in Genesis 3, “you shall become as gods . . . .”

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