A Race Car and a Challenge from Jeremiah

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Many things are happening back in the office today and tomorrow while I am in the western part of America for most of this week. One of the more intriguing activities at the Creation Museum will happen Wednesday afternoon, when our museum guests will get a close-up view of an Indy race car (that will compete this Saturday at the Kentucky Speedway). This car will race with the Creation Museum logo on it—just as a NASCAR car did a few weeks ago at the same track.


It’s great that Christians who are involved in all walks of life—even in sports—are getting involved with the Creation Museum. In fact, a well-known baseball announcer last night mentioned the museum on his game broadcast (more about that in a future blog).

A Challenge from Jeremiah

Last week, our staff was privileged to hear a very challenging message from an Australian pastor who was visiting the Creation Museum and also attending a number of the Creation College presentations. Pastor Jens Norved from Brisbane, Australia, gave a tremendous challenge to our staff—and to the church as a whole—based on Jeremiah. This was one of those messages I believe you would all greatly benefit from. I’ve included a link to the audio file so you can listen to this knowledgeable and dynamic pastor from Down Under.

I have included two photographs—one of Jens and me and the other where I convinced Jens to hold my “Darwin Doll”—this was actually presented to me by one of the secular media reporters when I was interviewed for the opening of the Creation Museum in 2007!

Ken and Jens

Jens and Darwin

You can listen to the presentation Jens gave the staff here: Jens' Presentation

More from Creation College

I have included two more photographs from last week’s exciting Creation College:
  1. Buddy Davis giving one of his concerts: Buddy Davis concert
  2. Mike Riddle speaking at a workshop Mike Riddle presentation


"The Eternal One made Himself flesh"

(John 1:1,14) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God . . . . And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.

We derive great assurance knowing the eternity of the Lord Jesus Christ and that for us He made Himself flesh so that we could cling to Him forever.

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