Happy 60th Birthday, Buddy Davis

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Even though I had heard of Buddy and Kay Davis and the dinosaurs Buddy had sculpted back in the early 1990s, I first met Buddy Davis 15 years ago as we were beginning the Answers in Genesis ministry. When I saw Buddy’s dinosaurs in his barn (the area they live in is called "Henpeck," Ohio) in September of 1994, I realized the potential they would have for the Creation Museum vision/burden the Lord had placed on my heart. I found out that Buddy and Kay also had a burden to see their dinosaurs used in a Bible-upholding museum to reach people with the truth concerning God’s Word.

You can see some of Buddy’s dinosaurs on exhibit at the Creation Museum in the Dinosaur Den and on a wide ledge in the Main Hall, and there is the large sauropod dinosaur that was turned into an animatronic exhibit (also in the Main Hall).

Buddy also writes and sings (folk/country style) and runs workshops for children and speaks in churches—and at the Creation Museum. He is an integral part of the AiG ministry.

Buddy and I have developed a relationship so that we are just like brothers. That is why I could get away with (well—sort of—Buddy warned me my turn will come in just under three years!) having fun at Buddy’s expense in front of the Creation College participants this past Friday—because that was the day Buddy turned 60!

So—here is a photographic record of what we did:

  1. AiG cartoonist Dan Lietha produced a slide that stated that a new 60-million-year-old missing link had been found: Henpeck Man (with a picture of Buddy Davis; again, he lives in the small town of Henpeck)!buddy-davis
  2. I told Buddy that we had asked AiG speaker Dr. Tommy Mitchell (who is a medical doctor—an internist) to give Buddy a quick physical before he sang.ken-and-buddy
  3. Dr. Mitchell gets out his stethoscope to examine Buddy.ken-and-buddy
  4. Dr. Mitchell continues to examine Buddy.tommy-and-buddy
  5. Buddy was presented with a new safety vest for his hunting to warn other hunters he was now over the hill—an aged hunter!ken-and-buddy-3
  6. He is presented with a new "over the hill" hat.ken-and-buddy-4
  7. Buddy is given a new set of eyes to help him see better (a person who makes all sorts of items out of balloons did this for us).buddy-presentation
  8. Buddy is presented with a portable blow up (you know what!).buddy-gift
  9. Buddy now can sing to the audience (he had to regain his composure after all this fun!).buddy-sings
  10. Buddy sings a song he wrote as a teenager—“There’s no doubt in my mind there’s a Jesus ….”buddy-sings-2
  11. People stood and gave Buddy a standing ovation after his songs.standing-ovation
  12. Buddy signs autographs.signing-autographs
  13. Buddy being congratulated by people.congratulations
Happy 60th birthday Buddy! We praise the Lord for you and your wife Kay and the talents/gifts you bring to the AiG/Creation Museum ministry.

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