Packed Tight at Creation College

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It was a thrill to see the auditorium packed for the opening night of Creation College 3 here in northern Kentucky (and near Cincinnati)—the week-long conference of Answers in Genesis that began last night. Around 1,200 people crammed into the auditorium for this exciting week of lectures, workshops, and singing (great quality music by John Elliot and Buddy Davis). The keynote presentations tonight (Tuesday) and Thursday night (beginning at 6 pm ET) will be webcast live on the AiG website.

Dr. Jason Lisle Interviewed on CBN Regarding Moon Landing

You can watch an interview conducted yesterday by CBN News with AiG’s Dr. Jason Lisle, who was asked questions about the moon landing and walk 40 years ago, a possible trip to Mars, and science and faith. You can watch the interview at this link: Can Ideals of Science, Religion Co-Exist? Dr. Lisle, by the way, is the author of an excellent new book on apologetics entitled The Ultimate Proof of Creation—he will summarize the contents of his book on Wednesday morning at Creation College.

Upset over TBN Comments

Well, I received two negative comments about my blog item concerning the Christian television network that broadcasted the Hugh Ross documentary (see previous blog entry). I said that such a documentary, which claims that man’s interpretation of nature (including man’s beliefs on the big bang and billions of years) is on par with the written revelation of Scripture, actually undermines biblical authority! In reality, what Hugh Ross really does is reinterpret the written revelation of God’s Word to fit billions of years and the big bang into the Bible, making man the authority—not God!

Here are excerpts from the negative responses to my blog where I said that airing such a documentary undermines biblical authority—which it does:

Mr. Ham, as a long time viewer, it is clear to me that TBN presents both sides of the debate. Old Earth and young Earth. And I believe they are just as unsure on the matter as most Christians are. I don't know what to believe either . . . . Mr. Ham, I believe you have judged TBN to harshly in this matter and owe them an apology. What if you are / aren't right? I see and understand both sides. And honestly, does it really matter? Is it not more important to get the gospel of Jesus to the masses and prepare them for what is to come? I know we all have our own niche in ministry and AIG is yours, but bashing other ministries that provide a broader work than yours is not productive.

My comments:

  • We get the gospel from the WORD of God because we take it as written. When one reinterprets the WORD of God in Genesis to fit man’s ideas of billions of years, etc., into the Bible, one is undermining the very WORD of God from which we get the gospel!
  • As for the comment “TBN presents both sides”—well there are two sides, God’s and man’s! I will take God’s side, taking HIS WORD as written—that’s what all Christians should do.

Another individual wrote:

I find your article entitled ‘TBN To Promote Genesis Compromise and Undermine Biblical Authority’, slanderous. I have seen Dual Revelations and found it Biblically accurate. Also, I have seen the debate with Ken Ham, Jason Lisle, vs. Hugh Ross and Walt Kaiser and it it was very clear to me that Hugh Ross and Walt Kaiser know the Bible accurately and won the debate. They spoke the truth in a loving and respectful way. You better be more careful about presenting slanderous articles and information. Please study Hebrew!

My comments:

  • How can it be biblically accurate to say that God’s Word doesn’t mean what it clearly states concerning six days, death after sin, earth created before the sun (contrary to what the big bang states—the sun before the earth), and so on, all because we have to accept man’s interpretation of nature (billions of years, big bang) and claim God’s written revelation is on equal footing with man’s fallible interpretation? No, “Indeed, let God be true but every man a liar” (Romans 3:4). I encourage everyone to watch The Great Debate series from the Ankerberg show—and watch theologian Walt Kaiser reject the clear Hebrew meaning of the word for day in Genesis 1 (as given by the two leading Hebrew lexicons that I quote from in the debate). You can obtain this debate series from the Answers Bookstore. It is a great learning/teaching opportunity.


“Reveal His Son in me, that I might preach”

(Galatians 1:15–16) But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood.

The first revelation to us that the Lord Jesus Christ died for us led to our salvation, but the second revelation that He is in us leads to our boldness to do the will of God.

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