Creation Resources and Girl Scout Gold Award

by Ken Ham on July 20, 2009

Recently I heard of AiG supporter Annie Wichman receiving her Girl Scout Gold Award—the highest award that a Girl Scout can achieve. It took her three years of work to complete, and her project was rather unique.

The title of this Gold Award project was “Alternative Universe.” It consisted of building a small library of AiG apologetics material on the subject of creation. The project’s objective was to enlighten Christians and non-Christians to what the Bible says about origins—as opposed to what the secular world claims. The materials were very foreign to many people. The resources are now in her church library for all to borrow—she plans to add more.

The library also has a model of the Ark as depicted by AiG, which will also be on display soon—along with various posters to catch the viewer’s eye. Annie also had the opportunity to teach creation science to grades 1–6 in summer 2008 using the AiG VBS curriculum. Annie hopes very much that this project will give people the tools they need to help defend their faith.

Here are some photos of Annie and the project she completed and the award she received.

50,000 in Print

On May 27, copies of the first printing of our new book Already Gone arrived in the AiG warehouse. Just over seven weeks later—with four printings and 50,000 in print—the fifth printing will be ordered. As far as we know, no other creation book published by Master Books (the leading creation book publisher in the world) has ever achieved such results.

I have done more interviews (mainly on Christian radio stations—though a few secular ones too) in recent weeks about Already Gone than any other book we’ve released. (In fact, the only other time I recall such intense media interest was when the Creation Museum opened in May 2007.) When it first came out it was ranked around 500 in sales on Amazon—and consistently for the first few weeks stayed in the 1000–2000 sales rank figures.

We are hearing of churches that are revamping the entire way they teach every age level—how they choose (and now train) teachers for Sunday school. As one pastor said to me recently after reading the book and hearing me speak, “I am going to dissolve everything we do in our church and start all over again.”

There have been many great reviews—here are excerpts from another one we saw on the Internet yesterday:

Ever think a book of statistics could keep you up at night? This one may be it, especially if you're a parent and/or involved in Christian education.

This book is the result of a collaborative project between Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Britt Beemer of America’s Research Group to survey 1,000 young adults who grew up in solid, Bible-teaching churches but have left the church either permanently or temporarily. Typical thinking in Christian circles is that young adults leave the church in college due to teachings and culture that challenges their Christian beliefs. Ham and Beemer's findings run contrary to this assumption, and they are shocking and disturbing.

You can read the entire review here.

We now also have a DVD, called Already Gone, that goes along with the book. Also, the hour-long State of the Nation DVD deals with the Already Gone statistics as well as the spiritual problems in the USA (and other nations around the world).

You can obtain copies of Already Gone book and DVD—and The State of the Nation DVD—from the AiG Online bookstore. The State of the Nation high quality video is also available for download from the AiG website.

Live Webcasts from Creation College

The three Creation College evening keynote sessions (beginning with the first one tonight that I will be presenting) will be broadcast live on the web. You can go to this link to find out more details.

Creation College—a week-long conference on creation apologetics—begins tonight. Around 1000 are expected for this week-long event (925 pre-registered). I will give you reports as the conference proceeds.


Shall see the light

(Job 33:28) He will deliver his soul from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light.

When saved, our soul’s destiny was set for the home of the Lord Jesus Christ; even though the abilities of our bodies slowly shut down, we shall awaken to light.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

Ken Ham

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