Getting Ready for Japan

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This past weekend we received a sample copy of the first page of my book The Lie, which has been translated into Japanese—the entire book has now been translated and is being printed in readiness for my speaking tour in Japan in August this year. We will be working with the creationist group in Japan that will be videotaping my talks so they will be available in Japanese. My translator actually lives about 2 hours from the Creation Museum! Here is a scan of the first page of the book:

book page

Great Response in California

People responded excitedly today to the presentations by Dr. Menton and me at Horizon Christian Fellowship in Rancho Sanata Fe, California (just north of San Diego). In fact, after the 2nd service yesterday morning we were out of the special Kids Answer Library Packs and after the third service we were out of the Teen–Adult Library Packs. People were hungry for the resources. We have one more session each tonight.

We received numerous testimonies from people who now understand the importance of standing uncompromisingly on the authority of God's Word beginning in Genesis. More and more people are seeing the dire need of teaching apologetics (a defense of the faith) to the coming generations so they will be grounded in the Word of God—and able to defend the faith against the secular attacks of our day. Here is a series of photographs taken yesterday (all our resource tables were placed outside—which usually happens in California, as the weather is rarely a problem):

Speaking in San Diego
Speaking in San Diego
Ken with friends
Crowds buying resources
Ken with a friend
Crowds lining up
Crowds buying resources

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