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It seems that when I'm away on a speaking assignment (I'm in San Diego for the next two days at an "Answers for Darwin" conference) I miss too many ministry friends who visit our Creation Museum and planetarium.

On Thursday Dr. Paul Ackerman and his granddaughter from Kansas were here—he hosted me back in the late ’90s for a seminar in Wichita. A professor at a secular university, Paul has also written creation books—I'm told he dropped off a manuscript for me on the Resurrection of Christ. Then Dr. Arlin Horton and his wife, Beka, of Pensacola Christian College, were here that day and met up with our museum director, Dan Mangus (a former PCC student). Dr. Horton is the president of PCC, and Beka is the one whom the famous Christian school curricula is named after (A Beka). Dr. Horton leads a Florida school that teaches creation—in fact, the campus houses a creationist planetarium.

Friday, Travis Hankins, running for U.S. Congress from Indiana, brought by 28 leadership interns to tour the museum—young people from all over the country. Later in the day, Gary Weier, vice president of academics at Bob Jones U. in South Carolina, and his wife toured the museum with some long-time friends of mine, Dan and Karen Wooster—Dan is the head of the computer science department at BJU. They also attended a Cincinnati Reds baseball game Friday evening (where Gary's favorite team, the Chicago Cubs, beat our Reds).

Skeptics and California

Last night I spoke at the first of four services for Horizon Christian Church in Rancho Sanata Fe (north of San Diego). Lots of great feedback. I often have requests for photographs when I speak—and last night was no different. However, one of the photographs was with a person who I had identified at the beginning of the service (along with his friend) as a skeptic. I don't treat them any differently than anyone else—but I do suspect they wanted to get my photograph with this person so they can put it on the Internet and mock me (as such skeptics often do—they can't use logical arguments so they like to mock). So I'm sure I will star on some skeptic website soon!

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