How Much Will I Give?

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I arrived home yesterday and to my surprise found I had a fund raising letter waiting for me from the NCSE (since I subscribe to some science magazines, the NCSE must have mailed letters to one of the lists—at AiG, we only mail to people who have requested in some way to be on our mailing list). The NCSE (National Center for Science Education) describes itself in the letter as “the only national organization that is wholly dedicated to defending the teaching of evolution in the public schools.”

The NCSE is headed by atheist Dr. Eugenie Scott. She was asking me for a donation because she said, “Do you find it hard to believe that evolution is still, in this day and age, under attack from creationists?”

Actually, Eugenie (and I will call her by her first name–we have met), I don’t find that hard to believe at all. After all, the Creator God of the Bible has raised up people all over the world to stand on His Word and defend the Christian faith against the bankrupt ideas of evolution you promote to the world.

Eugenie asks me for a donation and tells me, “And remember, we are always available to help when creationism rears its ugly head.”

Well how much will I give? Actually, it makes me want to give more to the Answers in Genesis ministry to ensure more people than ever are not brainwashed by Eugenie’s atheistic religion she wants to indoctrinate people in. So, yes—I will give–I will give more to the AiG ministry and pray for Eugenie Scott that God would open her eyes to the truth.

She Finally Made It

On Thursday, we had an extra-special guest at the Creation Museum. She has attended many of my seminars over the years (going back to 1986), but there was a question some of us were wondering: why, since she was a museum member and lived only about 75 miles away, was this the first time Gerry Velasco had visited the museum since it opened in 2007?

She shared with us some sad news that explained why. Her husband Gil had been very ill for years (he passed away in January). Gil, too, was an avid AiG supporter –he and Gerry attended our very first family summer camp about 14 years ago (in Indiana). Because Gil’s health had been deteriorating over the past two years, Gerry was not able to break away and come to the museum until Thursday (though she told us that she and Gil took a construction tour before the museum opened when his health was a little better).

She proclaimed herself an Answers in Genesis “groupie.” Gerry reminded me that she could be seen in the audience in the Genesis Solution film of mine in 1986 when she lived in the Phoenix area. That movie–filmed in front of a live audience—has been shown to hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people worldwide over the years. It was even nominated for best Christian film documentary in 1987. Gerry couldn’t resist commenting to me that I have changed quite a bit since 1986–I quickly stopped her before she was about to say that I have been graying, but I beat her to the punch and said that I hoped I, at least, appeared wiser.

Gerry brought her two caregivers–they are in the middle in the photo, with AiG CCO Mark Looy at the far left.

Mark Looy

Home Educators Convention

Today I begin speaking (with a keynote address and then workshops) to the home educators attending the Home Education Convention in Indianapolis. I will also be doing a TV interview as well as participating in other important meetings. Please be in prayer for this time.


Many evict

(Mark 4:15) And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.

To rescue and reform man, God sows His Bible verses right to man’s heart, but many evict those verses into only that realm of the mind for familiarity of religions.

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