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Well—It’s Publicity!

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On the anti-biblical creation website, a satirical article appeared playing off the fact that the big insurance giant that has been in the news concerning an economic bailout (AIG) has the same acronym as Answers in Genesis (AiG). Well, I guess these anti-creationists don’t have much better to do with their time. But hey—it’s all publicity. Here is a quote from the article:

AIG chairman Edward Liddy will become the chairman of AIG. AIG chairman Ken Ham will be second in command and will continue to direct the Creation Museum, which will be renamed Credit Management. CM will rate bonds that are based on credit-default swaps on a scale from AAA to aaa. AIG will also subcontract with the Vatican to market indulgences in the United States. These indulgences are expected to become AIG’s major product. The Vatican, in an ecumenical gesture, agreed that it would not impose a religious test on those who purchased its indulgences.

Ham argues that redirecting his organization from young-earth creationism to voodoo economics is not as much of a leap as it might appear at first glance. Like creationism, free-market economics is wholly unsupported by the evidence: boom-and-bust cycles like the present cycle, for example, followed a failed experiment in deregulation. Ham maintains, however, that faith is superior to intellect, and the economy gods must have put those booms and busts in there for a reason. Economic theory, he says, is entirely faith based anyway, and he will from now on put his faith in derivatives.

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Home Educators Convention

Tomorrow I begin a series of keynotes  and workshops (Friday/Saturday) at the Indianapolis Home Educators Convention–less than a two-hour drive from Answers in Genesis/Creation Museum. You can obtain details of my speaking times from the AiG website. We will also have an extensive range of materials in the exhibit hall.

121 Countries

In the last three years, we have received emails from 121 different countries. Just recently, we received emails from two new nations—Mozambique and Bermuda. It is thrilling to see the way the AiG outreach is spreading around the world.


A plan

(Romans 3:26, 4:5) To declare, I say, at this time his righteousness: that he might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus . . . Him that justifieth the ungodly.

Only God could come up with a plan to justify us from our sins while at the same time preserve His attribute of being just, but, oh the cost of it all, the Cross!

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