Walk Through the Creation Museum—at Home!

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Of course, it is never the same as actually being at a place, but in the very near future, AiG’s video team, under the direction of Ben Wilt, will have produced a “walk through the Creation Museum” that will be available on DVD.

This past Wednesday evening, Ben asked me to be filmed for an introduction and ending to this unique production. Keep watch for the DVD to be advertised on AiG’s website and through the newsletter.

Bizarre Quote of the Week

On the anti-biblical creationist website Panda’s Thumb, I read one of the most bizarre comments on “racism” I have ever read. The author stated:
To creationists, humans are a ‘kind’, and human races evolved within that kind. So if the theory of evolution is racist, that makes creationism equally racist.
In case you find it hard to believe someone would make such a ridiculous statement, you can read it for yourself in the article at:


Biblical Creationism in Albania

It was a thrill to receive an email from a person who met one of those who attended our previous International Training Seminar (2008)—now spreading the creation/gospel message in Albania. Here is what was written to us:
A few days ago I met the Christian brother whose name you recommended to go to the international AiG training conference last year. I was very encouraged to hear of opportunities that he has had to present Biblical creationism to churches and students and know that this will give you cause for joy also. [He] has shared with me how most believers seem to know little about how to defend their faith on this issue and have welcomed the teaching as a remedy to the evolutionary [propaganda] they get at school. . . . [He] is on the staff of the Albanian Bible Institute in Durres, but has been given their support to involve himself in this ministry. . . .
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