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Last week, the Associated Press news service circulated an article about our new Creation Museum exhibit on natural selection and Charles Darwin—and this piece was written in a fair way. At last count, more than 200 websites and newspapers had picked up this syndicated AP article. That included our local newspaper The Kentucky Enquirer on Saturday – along with a photo of a father and his sons from Orlando, Florida viewing the exhibit. (It also helps answer the question: where do people from Orlando—home to Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.—go on vacation?!). You can read the Enquirer article here: news.cincinnati.com/article/20090318/NEWS0103/303180041/0/NEWS0107

While it is a good article, we want to point out that we don’t deny that new species can arise. It’s just that creationists do not believe that the process of natural selection can lead to new KINDS (as opposed to the word species)—such as fish evolving into amphibians. To his credit, the reporter did at least write that we don’t believe that fish evolve into amphibians. Indeed, many people get confused about this because even some creationists use the word “species” for kind, when they really shouldn’t. But the reporter goes go on to use the word “kind” in the next paragraph—which is good.

“This has been awesome”

AiG’s Answers Academy DVD curriculum is having a significant impact on lives—read this letter:
I just finished teaching a course on science and the Bible centered on your “Answers Academy” curriculum at my church in Minnesota. I want to thank you for putting together such a wonderful set of materials.

I have not taught a course in which I received such an overwhelming and continuous positive response. Comments like, “This has been awesome,” and “I wish it could go on forever,” were a regular occurrence. I was frequently approached with various questions and comments after the class. I regularly saw students gathered in small groups after the class discussing related topics. All of this is clear evidence that the course has been a great encouragement and a real eye-opener to many.

The geology segment by Dr. Terry Mortenson was especially encouraging to me. The first time I reviewed the video and when he flashed up the picture of the diamond, I came out of my chair [as it showed evidence of a young earth]! I knew right where he was going. And if it were not for organizations like AiG, we would never hear of evidence like this or understand its significance. Truly the world suppresses the truth in unrighteousness.

I learned a great deal, and it was a great joy to use the gifts God has given me to bless His people. Your material was central in enabling that. Thank you and may our God bless you.

You can find out more about the Answers Academy curriculum from the AiG Online Bookstore.

While I was on my way to Florida, over 2000 people were visiting the Creation Museum yesterday. By the end of this month, around 670,000 people will have visited the museum since it opened in May 2007! Praise the Lord.

Today I am speaking at two morning services and then doing two different presentations this evening at Starkey Baptist Church in Seminole, Florida. Last evening I met a number of people from the church who gave testimony as to how the AiG ministry had a great impact on them.

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