The Tiniest Aussie Resident at the Creation Museum

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Last week one of the AiG staff members who works at our petting zoo (Josh) introduced me to the newest and tiniest resident at the zoo—another Aussie import—a second wallaby. Here is a photo taken of our new Petting Zoo member:







Taken at the museum’s Photo FX booth using the petting zoo as the background:






Answers Magazine, “A God-Send”

We receive rave reviews about AiG’s Answers magazines, the world’s leading creation/apologetics publication. Here is a sample of feedback received this past week:
***The last issue was a God-send for me. I spoke at my church the day before Darwin’s birthday. Much of my research was in your magazine. I also benefited greatly from Dr. Terry Mortenson’s book: The Great Turning Point. You can imagine my delight when I heard that he would be speaking at a college here in Pensacola. I thank the Lord for introducing me to your ministry. I recently bought a three year subscription and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next issue. In personal study, family devotions and witnessing it is a blessing to have the resources of Answers in Genesis at my disposal. Thanks!
***Thank you so much for including audio versions of your articles for subscribers! I commute long hours and take numerous trips and have my ipod with me to listen to sermons, audio books and other downloads. This saves me from taking the magazine with me and depriving my family members the opportunity to read it in my absence. [By the way—check out this new feature if you haven’t done so yet.]
Don’t miss the current exciting Answers magazine featuring creation vacations! You can subscribe through the AiG website.

International Training Seminar Starts Today

Today at the AiG office, a number of Christian leaders from around the world will be meeting for a week of training as part of AiG’s Worldwide mission. These leaders will receive presentations from numerous staff (including me) and also be provided with resources to equip them so they can be “creation apologetics” missionaries in their own countries. AiG’s policy is not to start AiG offices around the world, but to train up people within countries to reach their fellow citizens with the creation gospel. I will include reports on this special program throughout the week.


See their need and their way
(Matthew 18:11) For the Son of man is come to save that which was lost.

Our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, did not come as a prosecutor; He came as a Savior to help the lost see their need & their way to His salvation—and so should we.

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