A Reminder of the Pilgrim Fathers

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While in Southampton (England), Dr. Menton, Mally (my wife), and I were able to walk around the ruins of the wall of the old city that dates back to the 13th century. Beside a part of this wall used to be a dock where various types of ships would unload cargo. In the photos of Mally, Dr. Menton, and me, there’s a sign showing what the area would have looked like many years ago. You can see where the water came up to the wall and the ships docked:

Mally and me near ship


David Menton

The area is now filled in. At one section on the wall, we read this plaque that made mention of the Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers who came to America 400 years ago:


The next photo is of Mally standing not far from where the plaque mentioning the Mayflower is positioned—where Mally is standing is where the ships used to dock—close to where the Mayflower would have been back in the 1600s.


“Battling” in Southampton

We had some interesting and challenging conversations after the meetings in Southampton. A group of atheists attended and spoke with both Dr. Menton and me during breaks—and at the end of the evening session. At one stage I challenged the students to give me specific details of the best evidence they had for evolution/millions of years. However, they could basically only speak in generalities and attempted to quote their professors and/or textbooks. They really don’t know why they believe the way they do—they just appeal to the authority of their professors.

The students are indoctrinated/brainwashed. They can’t defend their beliefs. I trust Dr. Menton and I were able to challenge them. They certainly heard the gospel. We pray God will continue to work on their hearts.

We also had interesting interactions with students who were churchgoers but had been indoctrinated not to take Genesis as literal history. There is no doubt that many church leaders will have a lot to answer for when they stand before the Lord.

The church that sponsored the meetings in Southampton had tried to get what is known as a very conservative church in the area to host the meetings—but this church refused, saying the creation/evolution/Genesis issues were too divisive! The United Kingdom is in such need of the messages we bring—the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few! Pray for more laborers. One of the biggest mission fields in this nation is–yes—the church itself.

No Longer “Pick and Choose”

One man came up after I spoke in Southampton and said that he realized that what he was doing in regard to God’s Word was to “pick and choose” what he would believe—particularly in regard to Genesis. So, one day, he prayed and told the Lord he was no longer going to do that and that even though he didn’t have the answers, he would take God at his Word. After that, he came across some of our resources and then recognized that the Lord now had given him answers! He was so thankful for the ministry.

Another man told me he was brought up in a Brethren church and was taught the Gap Theory. He really didn’t like such compromise; so, one day he decided he would rather take God’s Word “too literally” than compromise with man’s fallible beliefs. He said he would rather stand before the Lord and plead “guilty” of taking God’s Word as written, than to stand before Him having compromised the Word. After this, he came across AiG materials in a display used as an outreach to fairs etc. He was so thrilled with the answers. He said he drove 200 miles to come to the program!

Christian School Outreach

While in Southampton, Dr. Menton and I had the opportunity to speak to students and teachers in a Christian school. I spoke for an hour and then we answered questions. I was told later by one of the teachers that students at the end of the day were still talking about the time they had with us, and they said they would have loved to hear much more.

Here are some photographs taken while at the Christian school:

Dr. Menton at Christian school

Christian school

Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure–Now Available in April

Oh, and one more thing—I just learned that two spots opened for our incredible rafting trip down the Colorado River and through the magnificent Grand Canyon—for the latter part of April. I did the shorter rafting trip about three years ago, and I tell you–it’s such a different way of seeing the Canyon than from the rim. Of course, our guides–including geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling–are first rate, and they explain the Canyon according to the Genesis Flood. And the food is quite good on this trip.

Most of our raft trips fill up months before launch; so, it’s fortunate right now that two spots have become available. Act quickly to grab these two just-opened seats. Here is the link (and consider passing it on to someone you think might get a great blessing from this wonderful adventure and learning experience):




(Nehemiah 6:19) Tobiah sent letters to put me in fear.

The Lord Jesus Christ has done all so we never have to fear, but the enemy knows that when we fear, we cast our vote of no confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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