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Actor/comedian/economist Ben Stein, who narrated the documentary called Expelled which featured a number of instances where scientists (both Christian and secular) were persecuted (expelled) because they questioned evolution (or allowed people to hear about the possibility of intelligent design), has himself experienced the very thing Expelled documented. An Associated Press article states:

Ben Stein cancels Vermont speech in evolution row
Comedian Ben Stein has withdrawn as the University of Vermont’s commencement speaker because of complaints about his critical views on evolution in favor of intelligent design. . . . Stein has drawn fire previously for criticizing evolutionary theory and speaking in favor of intelligent design. That view holds that life is too complex to have developed through evolution alone, implying that a higher power must have had a hand in creation.
Stein told the Burlington Free Press that he was not “anti-science” as some critics have labeled him.
“I am far more pro-science than the Darwinists,” Stein wrote in an e-mail to the newspaper. “I want all scientific inquiry to happen not just what the ruling clique calls science.” He said the controversy over him as commencement choice was “laughable” and “pathetic.”

Fogel said he was sorry that he did not anticipate the extent and intensity of the concerns expressed about Stein. . . . In a 2008 documentary entitled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” he asserted that scientists are afraid to challenge the theory of evolution because they fear they’ll be ostracized or fired.

When Expelled was released last year, I had the opportunity to meet Ben Stein and spend a few minutes with him. I don’t know what his views are on creation or evolution, but I do know that Ben Stein wants to see honesty in science and to see freedom of speech and academic freedom.


Secularists have been “up in arms” about Expelled, as it showed the censorship and academic snobbery in the culture.

You can read the entire press release about Ben Stein expelling himself from this speaking engagement here.

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A “Most Dangerous Mental Disorder”

A Dutch news website is reporting on the activities of atheists (trying to run an atheist campaign like that in London, England) and creationists who are mailing households with a brochure entitled, “Evolution or Creation—What Do You believe?” It quoted a sociologist:
“It is funny to see how alive faith evidently is,” says sociologist Abram de Swaan. “One of the most dangerous mental disorders is after all to interpret a text like the Bible literally. But that also occurs among the non-religious, in Marxism or National Socialism for instance.”
The news report went on to state:
In the meantime the other side is not sitting by quietly. Six million Dutch households will soon receive an eight-page brochure entitled Evolution or Creation–what do you believe?. The brochure is an initiative of a few organisations of the strict Dutch Reformed persuasion, including a publisher and anti-abortion organisation Schreeuw om Leven [Scream for Life]. This latter organisation recently drew attention with another initiative: the dissemination of plastic dolls resembling a 10-week old foetus as part of its efforts to fight abortion. This created a commotion in parliament. The Dutch Labour party (PvdA) called it “spiritual trespassing.”
There is no doubt the creation/evolution issue is heating up all over the world! What a time for the Creation Museum to be in operation!

You can read the entire Dutch news report here.

Answers for Darwin Conference

The first Answers for Darwin conference begins this Friday in southern California! You can find out details about the free West Coast and East Coast conferences from the AiG website.


The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me

(Job 3:25–26) For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me. I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came.

What we fear the most to lose as financial security, health, & mental capacity is a bondage that the Lord Jesus Christ lets us lose to see that all we need is Him.

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