Humor? Or God Mocking?

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Seth Brown is supposedly an award-winning humor writer. But when he writes about the creation/evolution issue, and our Creation Museum, one can see it is not humor, but a God-mocking attitude . . . with an anti-God agenda. Such people are shaking their fist at God.

Take Seth Brown’s article entitled “Dinosaur Days” published on the news site for the North Adams Transcript (in Massachusetts). Here are some excerpts. In talking about dinosaurs he states:

. . . By the time I reached third grade, I felt like an expert on dinosaurs.
And so it’s sad to think that far, far past third grade, some people still haven’t learned enough about dinosaurs. A recent article in the Associated Press noted that the Creation Museum in Kentucky is still drawing large crowds, after opening in 2007. This museum features scenes of Adam and Eve playing among the dinosaurs and contends man lived peacefully among the dinosaurs—none of whom, incidentally, were meat-eaters. T-Rex [sic], according to the Creation Museum, probably just used his sharp teeth to open coconuts. Yes, coconuts. Anyway, I appreciate a museum of fantasy nonsense as much as the next guy and would eagerly visit a “Lord of the Rings” museum that walked you through the history of the Mordor, Moria and the Shire.
Well—nice try, Seth. But this is just the same old mocking rhetoric we hear frequently from many God mockers—not what one would expect from a supposedly “award-winning humor writer.”

And he gets it wrong about the Texas school system and the recent controversy over the science curriculum. Seth Brown continues:

But the creationists are still fighting to corrupt the public school systems in Texas. A recent vote removed the 20-year-old mandate that teachers must discuss the “weaknesses” of scientific theories like, say, evolution, and offer alternative theories, such as, gee, I don't know, maybe creationism?
Again, typical of many of these God mockers, he has not done his homework. It was the evolutionists who actually moved to remove something that was already in the science curriculum—and, there was no move to force “alternative theories” like “creationism” (for more, see “A Mess in Texas”). It seems the “in thing” when the origins issue comes up in school is to make sure one brainwashes the public with false information so the truth about what really happened is hidden! We have seen this over and over again.

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Flying Is the Pits!

Today we arose early to catch a flight from Modesto (California) through San Francisco to southern California in preparation for the Answers for Darwin conference this coming weekend in Santa Ana (and Sunday ministry in Chino Hills, a few miles north of Santa Ana). Well, due to fog, the incoming plane couldn’t land—and to cut a long story short, we spent all day in airports until we finally were able to get to our destination!

Just a reminder to pray for our travel.

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Listen to pull them out of the fire

(Jude 1:22–23) And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

The best preparation for us to bring the gospel to the lost is to listen to them so that our hearts may fill with compassion & hatred of the sin that destroys them.

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