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We have many things planned for this year to counter the several celebrations by secular humanists of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday next month (and this year is also the 150th anniversary of his “On the Origin of the Species”). We have created a special web section about this “Year of Darwin,” as some people are calling it, featuring articles from the current edition of our Answers magazine. AnswersInGenesis.org/get-answers/features/year-of-darwin

We also have two special seminars (they’re free, by the way) planned next month: one in California (at famed Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa) and the other about 3000 miles across the country in Virginia (at the well-known Thomas Road Baptist Church)--called “Answers for Darwin.” Here is a news release that our publicist sent to the nation’s major media earlier this week:


Also, next month we conclude our special “super early bird” discount for our “Creation College” this summer—another national conference we’re holding, which will equip attendees to defend their faith—with specialized talks for the serious creation student and general talks for ages 13 and up. This is a four-day meeting, and will be our most intensive learning experience of the year. You’ll get highly practical training on building your biblical worldview as you learn from some of the finest speakers in creation research.

Find out more at: AnswersInGenesis.org/events/creation-college-3


On Thursday we hosted 45 business leaders at AiG for the whole day, representing businesses and organizations associated with the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce—they hold their regular leadership meetings in various venues in the area. The topic for the all-day meeting, which included a quick walk through of the museum, was diversity. Since AiG and the museum present a message not found in public schools and museums in our area, the organizers thought that we were worth a visit. Plus we are members of this local Chamber, and so we welcomed the opportunity to show them a museum that has attracted 632,000 visitors in 20 months and has brought in a lot of tourist dollars to businesses in the area—which the Chamber is very happy to see.

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