Dawkins Being Illogical—Again

by Ken Ham

I had to smile when I saw atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins (author of The God Delusion) being interviewed on British television in regard to the atheist advertising campaign on London buses. The British Humanist Association launched the campaign, paying for advertisements on the sides of buses which state: “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. NOW STOP WORRYING AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE.”


I was watching a news broadcast and Prof. Dawkins was stating that people should not listen to their priests or ministers–in fact, should not listen to others—but should think for themselves. Of course, the illogical part of this is that Dawkins was making sure that people were listening to him! So, he was really saying, “Don’t listen to others; don’t listen to anyone. Just listen to me, and (in essence) let me indoctrinate you!” But Dawkins was being his usual illogical, inconsistent self (as we also saw in Expelled last year).

The Guardian newspaper had an article about the atheist ad campaign. It stated:

The advertising regulator has received almost 150 complaints that an atheist ad campaign, proclaiming “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”, is offensive to Christians and other religions that believe in a single God. Stephen Green, the national director of Christian Voice, is among those who have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, arguing that the atheist campaign broke the advertising code on the grounds of substantiation and truthfulness. . . . The complainants claim the ad campaign is offensive to Christians and those of other monotheistic religions. Green said: “It is given as a statement of fact and that means it must be capable of substantiation if it is not to break the rules.”
“There is plenty of evidence for God, from people’s personal experience, to the complexity, interdependence, beauty and design of the natural world. But there is scant evidence on the other side, so I think the advertisers are really going to struggle to show their claim is not an exaggeration or inaccurate, as the ASA code puts it.” The regulator has not yet decided if the complaints warrant a formal investigation to see if the campaign has broken the advertising code. Hanne Stinson, the chief executive of the British Humanist Association, which launched the campaign, said she “pitied the ASA if they are going to be expected to rule on the probability of god’s existence. However, if they do investigate we will be very happy to respond”.”
You can read the entire article at:


Sad Inconsistency Re: Children

I was watching a television news broadcast recently where the reporter was talking about the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza strip—and detailing the sad consequences on the children affected (terribly injured and killed). My heart becomes greatly saddened when I see such things. But what really hit me was how the reporter and the news anchors were saying how terrible it was that children are being hurt—but at the same time, I have heard the same reporters and news anchors on this program defend abortion. In fact, when one considers how many children have been murdered by abortion in the USA, the deaths/injuries on children in the Gaza strip, though terrible, pale in comparison. What a terrible inconsistency in some people’s minds.

The same day I saw the news broadcast, I received a photo of our new grandbaby—who is still in the womb.


The Bible makes it clear that life begins at conception—we are 100% human at conception. And science confirms this, for all the information that builds an individual is present right at conception—you are then a unique individual.

God will judge a nation that continues to murder so many children–and every day.

By the way, this Sunday is “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday” (always the third Sunday in January), when churches are encouraged to focus on the sanctity of life (including the growing problem of euthanasia).


Driven on

(Luke 13:24)  Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able.

We are driven on to preach the Gospel through all the oppositions by the knowledge of the many who will do all they can to receive Christ, but too late & not able to.

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