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Our special “Bethlehem’s Blessings” Christmas program ended on Sunday. I wanted to show you a stunning photo of the museum’s exterior as it was decorated for Christmas.


Hope Kids Respond

You may recall a recent blog of mine where I featured a group called the “Hope Kids.” A ministry to inner city kids brought this group together and enabled them to visit the Creation Museum.

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After the kids returned home, they wrote out their favorite parts of the Creation Museum.  Here are some excerpts I am sure you will enjoy and praise the Lord for:

J F (age 7):

  •  FAVORITE PART: Dragon and Dinosaur movie
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: “Buddy Davis knows how to make stuff, and Jesus was born in a manger.”
  •  OTHER COMMENTS: “Thank you! I love you!”
C F (age 13):
  • FAVORITE PART: Moving fake people [i.e., our animatronic models]
  • WHAT HE LEARNED: “More about Creation”
B P (age 9):
  • FAVORITE PART: The petting zoo’s donkey
  • WHAT HE LEARNED: “A lot about fossils”
L P (age 11):
  • FAVORITE PART(S): “The Garden of Eden, the Road to Bethlehem, the planetarium, and the petting zoo”
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: “In the Garden of Eden I learned what it might have looked like/// Walking on the Road to Bethlehem [the outdoor Christmas event in front of the museum] I learned how the people’s culture was [2000 years ago], and what kind of clothes they wore. I also saw how poor they actually were. I like how in the planetarium I felt like I was in space and I saw some planet and asteroids that I have never seen before. At the petting zoo I learned how animals really eat. I also learned how to feed them out of my hand. I also learned that all the animals liked corn. I didn’t know that camels could survive in a cold climate. I always thought camels would die in a cold climate, and I didn’t have any idea that there was such a thing as a zonkey.”
  • OTHER COMMENTS: “I can’t wait to go back!”
L P (age 13):
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: “How to keep my faith and how to have fun with it.”
J D (age 10):
  • FAVORITE PART: Nature walk
  • WHAT HE LEARNED: “That the sun is a star”
J D (age 12):
  • FAVORITE PART(S): “When we got to seen the ‘Men in White’ [film in the Special Effects Theater] and how the students were able to outsmart their teacher and show how evolution is wrong. I also like when we saw the Garden of Eden. Last I really enjoyed being able to learn everything together (as a group).”
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: “I learned more in the Garden of Eden than I thought I would. I got to learn all about the Seven C’s of history, how Adam and Eve’s sin made the world sinful, and Noah probably took baby dinosaurs on the ark. I felt sad when I saw the man who played Jesus on the ‘Last Adam’ get hurt. It made me cry. I also learned that the word ‘dragon’ came from the word ‘dinosaur.’ I really liked learning deeper about Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, and the Cross. I learned so much in just one day.”
  • OTHER COMMENTS: “I can’t wait to go back”
D L (age 6):
  • FAVORITE PART: “The Baby Jesus.”
  • WHAT HE LEARNED: “God sent His Son to die on the cross.”
K L (age 7):
  • FAVORITE PART: “The movies and the whole Museum.”
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: “That the girl (in the ‘Men in White’) wasn’t real. [she is animatronic]
  • OTHER COMMENTS: “Thank you for the songs and the manger”
K L (age 9):
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: “The sun is a star, and that Jesus is the Baby in the [manger].”
P C (age 11):
  • FAVORITE: “Adam and Eve”
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: “That Mary had to pay taxes, and had to walk to Bethlehem. That you can depend on God to see you through. And that the Lord is always with you. And that you can always go to Him if you need to ask Him something. You can truly believe and trust Him.”
V H (age 13):
  • WHAT HE LEARNED: “That zonkeys existed, that turtles can put on shows, and that Methuselah lived 969 years.”
K H (age 17):
  • FAVORITE PART: “Singing for the Eggerts and Buddy Davis, the petting zoo, and getting sprayed at the special effects theater watching the ‘Men in White’ and Buddy Davis’ concert.”
  • WHAT SHE LEARNED: How important it is to stay on the foundation of the Bible, and how important it is to defend it.
I don’t know about you, but I get so excited as I read testimonies like these from kids who have been so positively impacted by the message of AiG and the Creation Museum. Pray for these special kids. The Lord has His hand on them in a special way. Who knows how the Lord will use them in the future and how what they learned at the Creation Museum will impact their lives and the lives of others they touch.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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