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Last week, while on vacation in Illinois, Dale Mason (publisher of our Answers magazine and VP of our Communications Division) and his wife Karen accepted a lunch invitation from Frank Lewis and family, publishers of the high-quality Home School Enrichment magazine. The entire Lewis family visited the Creation Museum this fall. They were so impressed with what they experienced that they wrote an excellent and very well illustrated 6-page article about their visit. I encourage you to click the link below and read it! Frank, Kari (his wife), and their sons, Matthew and Jonathan, launched Home School Enrichment six years ago, and it is now one of the best and most helpful periodicals for homeschoolers and anyone considering homeschooling.

The Lewises presented a carton of the new issue (January–February 2009) to Dale to bring back for our staff. Dale sent me the following report on his meeting with the Lewis family:

Ken, the more I get to know Frank and the family and their Home School Enrichment magazine that’s mailed to more than 20,000 families, the more I appreciate and respect the important work they are doing! The newest issue features a special section on the Creation Museum—which by the way is probably the most accurate and well illustrated that I’ve seen. It even has two great sidebar stories. (One is about AiG’s homeschool curriculum team, and another is about how to prepare for a career in creation science.)
They’ve put a PDF of the entire six-page article up on their website, so anyone can read it in full. This magazine really demonstrates a firm grasp of the importance of solid teaching about the authority of God’s Word. It is doctrinally conservative, yet very cutting-edge in terms of the relevance and practicality of the topics it covers. In addition to the big Creation Museum article, they have stories about everything from family budget-stretching tips to the future of the homeschool movement. Really well done.
Dale sent along this quote from one of the articles. It’s written by one of Frank and Kari’s sons (both of their boys have been working with them since the inception of the magazine and are quite integral in its production), and I think it is a testimony to the depth of understanding that is so needed in the church today.

In addressing the importance of the Christian family, Jonathan Lewis writes:

Since we all come from Adam and Eve, every person alive today—from the streets of New York to the jungles of Africa to the steppes of Asia—shares ancestors who knew and understood God’s truth. Tragically, the truth was not passed from one generation to the next as it should have been. Over time, it was either ignored or corrupted and replaced with all the false religions that fill the world today. However, God’s plan for the family is that it would be one of the primary vehicles by which the hope of the gospel is carried on into the next generation. . . .
Regardless of the role they will fill as adults, whether it be as a missionary, lawyer, factory worker, or stay-at-home mom—our children should be outstanding representatives of God’s better way of life. . . . (But the) battle for the family continues in the world today. From the struggle to redefine marriage, to the rampancy of divorce, to the barrage of anti-family messages poured out by movies, television, and media of all kinds, the family is still under vigorous assault. This shouldn’t surprise us, given how spiritually powerful a Christian family can be.
And that was written by a single young man. I think he gets it! I’ve included a photo of Frank, Kari, 27-year-old Matthew, and 25-year old Jonathan.


There’s also a scan of the cover of the issue of their Home School Enrichment magazine in which the article about the Creation Museum and homeschoolers appears, and a scan of the first page of the actual article.

I urge you to visit their website (www.HomeSchoolEnrichment.com), download the PDF “Homeschoolers at the Creation Museum,” and subscribe for yourself or someone you know! I’m sure your encouragement will mean a great deal to them (also consider emailing today’s post to all the homeschool families you know!).


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(1 Chronicles 22:5) And David said, Solomon my son is young and tender, and the house that is to be builded for the LORD must be exceeding magnifical, of fame and of glory throughout all countries: I will therefore now make preparation for it. So David prepared abundantly before his death.

We are wise when we view all that we have worked for as all for the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and make preparation for His work to continue after we die.

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