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Last night I (and colleague Mark Looy) took the opportunity to attend the final performance in our area of the high-tech Walking with Dinosaurs stage production, based on the BBC Walking with Dinosaurs TV series. A detailed web article is being written and will appear sometime this week.

As I watched this stage production, I couldn’t help but think of the many ways one could compare what’s taught in this evolution-filled show to what we present in our Creation Museum. I will use WWD for Walking with Dinosaurs and CM for our Creation Museum:


Impressive animatronic dinosaurs–like the stegosaurus here–are featured in the theatrical evolution stage show Walking with Dinosaurs.

WWD: First class and very professional CM: First class and very professional

WWD: Cost millions of dollars to produce ($20 million, plus yearly operating costs) CM: Cost millions of dollars to produce ($27 million [initial plans], but a fraction of WWD’s yearly operating budget)

WWD: Appeals to the whole family CM: Appeals to the whole family

WWD: Uses Dinosaurs to teach a message CM: Uses Dinosaurs to teach a message

WWD: A walk through history CM: A walk through history

But then there are MAJOR differences:

WWD: Ardently evolutionary—evolutionist “edutainment” throughout CM: Ardently creationist—creationist “edutainment”

WWD: Without the intermission, the show runs about 70–75 minutes CM: You can spend up to 7 hours in our museum if you watch every video, read every sign, take in every show, etc.

WWD: Teaches children they evolved from the sea over millions of years CM: Teaches children they are made in the image of God

WWD: Teaches children they are really no different than animals like dinosaurs CM: Teaches children they are not animals—but specially created by God

WWD: Teaches young people that death has always been here, as life evolved over millions of years CM: Teaches young people that death is an enemy—an intrusion because of sin

WWD: Teaches children dinosaurs evolved into birds CM: Teaches children birds were created a day before dinosaurs in the creation week

You could pay from $25–$65 per ticket. For a family of two adults and two children (and there were LOTS of children in the show we watched), you could pay as much as $260 for 70-plus minutes of evolutionary indoctrination and entertainment to learn you are just an animal in the survival of the fittest.

For $130, you can obtain a family (complete household) YEAR LONG pass to the creation museum to learn the truth about life and, most of all, to hear the solution to man’s sin dilemma in the wonderful salvation message that is clearly presented. And yes—you will see some realistic animatronic dinosaurs and walk through the true history of the world.

I encourage you to save your money and avoid the ardent evolutionary brainwashing in the Walking with Dinosaurs stage production. Instead, invest in eternity by taking your children on a walk with dinosaurs at the Creation Museum!

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