Question: Which College Is Doing This?

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They are having a Faculty and Student Forum on Christianity and Evolution.

Karl Giberson is a historian of science at Eastern Nazarene College and Gordon College whose book "Species of Origins" is used in some science classes as an introduction and review of origins controversies. His next book, SAVING DARWIN: How to be a Christian and Believe in Evolution (HarperOne), will be released on June 10.
Giberson will be on campus for a faculty-student forum on Christianity and evolution on Thursday morning, July 12, 10:00 to 11:30...faculty and students are invited to participate in the discussion.”
ANSWER: Wheaton college in Illinois.


I continue my speaking ministry (as do our other speakers) and as I am today at Grace Gospel Church in Huntington, West Virginia, to challenge Christians to get back to the authority of the Word of God and give up compromises with evolution and millions of years that have caused great destruction to the foundation of Christianity in this nation and around the world.

Sadly, the general position of Wheaton College is that of most Christian colleges, Bible colleges, and seminaries in this nation! No wonder the church is so weak and the Christian worldview has been collapsing. Please pray for a new reformation: that God’s people will return to God’s infallible Holy Word and stop reinterpreting it on the basis of sinful man’s fallible interpretations of the past.


Praise the Lord that AiG is getting this biblical authority/reformation message out through all its various ministries and the Creation Museum: nearly 2000 at the Museum yesterday—over 420,000 since opening last year; 9.5 million visits made to AiG’s website; around 2000 churches are using AiG’s VBS this year; and thousands of pieces of literature are shipped out of AiG’s warehouse each week!

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