Chimp Now on Display in Garden of Eden

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I have included three photographs of the female chimp sculpted by AiG sculptor Doug Henderson. This chimp is now in the Garden of Eden. It is in the “naming” scene in Genesis where Adam was naming different kinds of animals. Not only does this reinforce that chimps are animals (not made in the image of God as Adam was), but to show that Adam could not find anyone who was like him—which is why God put him to sleep and made his wife Eve. Doug is now finishing up the male chimp which will soon be in place beside his mate in the Garden.

adam-naming-w-chimp-6-5-08-001.jpg    adam-naming-w-chimp-6-5-08-004.jpg    chimp-cu-for-web2.gif

We praise the Lord for the talents of people like Doug.


Most of the great comments we receive from museum guests come from our own feedback forms—but that’s not the only place where we receive reviews. Recently, we have received several great comments on (For those of you who want to read reviews about attractions and hotels, Trip Advisor is a great resource as you plan your trip.)

Here are some of the comments about the Creation Museum on Trip Advisor:

My new favorite museum . . . . We are a family of five with a teen and a young child with one in the middle. They all loved it. We traveled with another family of six. There is something for all ages to enjoy. I suggest to not skip the planetarium. We almost did given the price, but it was so worth it . . . . My advice is to take your time getting through it and enjoy it all. There is plenty of time to see everything. The gardens are also wonderful. We [picnicked] out there. We went during the week and it was very busy. –Michigan
World Class Museum . . . . My husband and I visited the Creation Museum with friends in April 2008. We had a marvelous visit to the museum. We spent 6 hours and enjoyed the walk-through portion as well as the theatres. My personal favorite was the Planetarium Theatre—it is worth the extra $! Also, don't miss the Special Effects theatre, especially if you have children with you. This museum was well planned and no expense was spared. It is worth the trip and the time is well spent. –Oklahoma
Love the Experience . . . . I visited the museum with my mom and dad. We really enjoyed our experience. All the people were very friendly and helpful. The best and must see part is the planetarium. All the displays were very engaging. It is a bit expensive, but well worth it. Definitely a must see if you are in the Cincinnati area.
We have a great summer planned at the Creation Museum. [Actually, very few people complain about the very reasonable admission fee—which pales into insignificance compared to Disneyland or Universal Studios!]

Be sure to visit our events calendar on the museum website for a complete listing of activities for your entire family.


I have included two photographs of Buddy Davis as he entertained people at the Creation Museum yesterday with a concert. Buddy plays a number of musical instruments and loves singing country music songs. Buddy also has a number of CDs available, including his new instrumental one, which has an Appalachian style music flavor.

buddy-concert-1pm-6-5-08-008.jpg    buddy-concert-1pm-6-5-08-018.jpg

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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