Severe Storm Hits AiG

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We are used to fighting “spiritual storms” at AiG—storms over secular humanists (or others) attacking the Creation Museum and AiG. But we had to deal with a different storm on Wednesday!

On Wednesday afternoon, a severe storm (with tornado warnings) hit the Tri-State area (Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana) where AiG and the Creation Museum are headquartered. We praise the Lord that damage was minimal. A large tree fell in the nature trails (see photograph).


The major damage was to the large tent at the front of the building (see photographs). I have heard of some other minor damage—but we really can praise the Lord that we came through this relatively unscathed.

p6042733.JPG    p6042737.JPG

p6042736.JPG    p6042741.JPG

When the storm became very severe with tornado warnings, the visitors and staff still at the museum were ushered to the basement area. This is the first time we have had to use this emergency procedure for which security had already prepared if such an event occurred. I heard on the news that shoppers at Florence Mall a few miles to the east had to go to the basement.

I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be when a Tornado does hit—it was bad enough experiencing such a severe storm. The weather forecast (if it can be trusted!!) is for some beautiful weather over the next few days.


Take hold

(Isa 27:5)  Or let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with me; and he shall make peace with me.

God is so unwilling that any should perish that all the weak sinner has to do is to take one step towards God, and God will rush to extend a strong hand to the sinner.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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