From a Feminist Atheist into a Born-again Christian

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Another unique and thrilling testimony illustrating how the Lord uses the biblical creation movement to change people’s lives:

[I] rejoice every time a new issue [of Answers magazine] arrives in my mailbox. Thank you for your wonderful publication–I only wish it would come out monthly so I wouldn’t have to pace myself so carefully in reading it! . . . [C]reation science was the primary tool the Lord used to open the eyes of my science-loving heart, transforming me from a feminist atheist into a born-again Christian after a search for truth lasting well over a year. It was the writings of men such as Drs. Henry Morris and John Whitcomb in particular that persuaded me, along with lectures by creationists like Ken Ham.

The Creation Museum now offers a variety of teaching programs (watch the Creation Museum website for details). To illustrate the varied nature of these programs, recently the Creation Museum offered the program “Invasion of the Insect Snatchers.”

What would the world be like if YOU were the size of an insect or small animal? What dangers would lie in brightly colored, fragrant perches? What might lie coiled below the foliage of an exotic plant? What dangers could lurk as you trek through remote environs and boggy terrain?
Ron Dudek recently presented, “Invasion of the Insect Snatchers,” looking at carnivorous plants like the Venus fly trap and pitcher plants. How do these flying creatures get lured into these traps, and why can’t they get out? Is this how God designed them, or has something happened since Day 3 of creation, when God looked at all created plants and saw that they were all good?  Answers to these and other questions about plants that eat creatures were discussed at this program. It was A fascinating journey into a mysterious realm where plants turn predator!
Keep up to date with the special teaching programs on offer at the museum by going to the Creation Museum website.


It won’t be long, and we are all awaiting the arrival of the new additions to the Petting Zoo. We believe these will create a lot of interest—not just from kids, but from parents. I have included photographs of:

1.  The zorse

zorse-filly-may-15-08.JPG    zorse-foal-side-view-5-20.JPG

2.  The zonkey


3.  Gomer, the camel


I will let you know on this blog when they will be in the Petting Zoo for people to see, and this will also be announced on the Creation Museum website.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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