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AiG's Carl Kerby and Dr. Andrew Snelling returned home earlier this week after leading 18 guests through the Grand Canyon on a 9-day raft trip down the Colorado River, with the assistance of Tom Vail of Canyon Ministries. Aged from 8 to 67, our guests enjoyed running the Colorado River rapids under sunny skies, and camping out on beaches during cool-cold nights under the stars. Daily devotionals were presented by the AiG staff.

Stops along the river and hikes up side canyons were made to see the geologic evidences that the Canyon's rock layers and their contained fossils were laid down catastrophically during the global Flood, not slowly over millions of years, and that the Canyon itself was subsequently carved out catastrophically (see attached photos). These evidences and the problems with the radioactive dating of Grand Canyon rocks were discussed on location, which was thoroughly enjoyed by our guests—many of whom now feel better-equipped with answers to challenge and witness to skeptical relatives and friends. Two guests were convicted to submit to the authority of the Scriptures, having previously held to an old earth and a local flood. As usual, the Christian unity and fellowship was sweet, and a good time of fun was had by all!

If you missed out on this year’s Grand Canyon rafting trips, three more are scheduled for next year—keep watching AiG’s website.

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International Visitors Just Keep on Coming

As I’m away on international ministry (speaking in Northern Ireland this weekend), we have had many international visitors to the Creation Museum. On Wednesday, we welcomed a Christian man from Israel. While he greatly enjoyed his time with us and with his good friend (and good AiG friend) Pastor Ed Gaines of Cincinnati, who helped show him around the museum, he noted that he was missing the beginning of the celebrations for his nation’s 60th birthday.

Also that day, “creation evangelists” based in the Philippines visited the museum and met with some of our employees—and they briefly spoke to the staff at our devotional time about their outreach throughout Asia. Jerry and Donna Layton (originally from America) are with the missionary group ABWE and are based in Iloilo City (south of Manila). By the way, I will see them in a few days, for after I return from Northern Ireland, I will be speaking at the ABWE conference in Pennsylvania. Jerry’s almost—full-time work over the past several years has been to train other creation evangelists throughout Asia. Even though Jerry and Donna are close to retiring, they intend to remain in Asia and continue their creationist ministry of speaking and training. The following ABWE web article tells you more about their ministry, and how AiG has been helping them:

Yesterday, Carl Kerby of our staff—who used to live in Japan—hosted 17 people from a church outside Tokyo. We have had many Japanese visitors at the museum over the 11 months we have been open, including several representing major Japanese media outlets (TV and newspaper press primarily).

Update from Belfast

This is just a short update from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I will write more later. The two-day conference here in Northern Ireland began at 2pm on Friday—and about 15 minutes into a lecture, someone somehow apparently broke the glass in one of the fire alarms (you have to break the glass to set off the fire alarm). Everyone had to be escorted from the building and wait until the fire engine arrived and the building was cleared. Just a little drama to start the conference!

After I spoke tonight, I was interviewed by a well-known BBC radio personality who is known to attack biblical creationists. He interviewed me for about 15 minutes. His big issues:

  1. Why would God kill all those children in the Flood? I tried to get him to understand that the real question should be: “Why does everyone die?” And that he needed to understand that we (as sinners) are the ones responsible for those children (and everyone else, including ourselves) dying, because we sinned in Adam. I also tried to explain about God knowing everything and having morally commendable reasons for things, and so on.
  2. I was accused of doing a “hard sell” on the books—supposedly taking a lot of time to do this. I reminded him that I spoke for 75 minutes and took 4 minutes at the end (after the talk) to recommend resources. I also told him that AiG—USA makes NOTHING on the material sold in the UK—we discount the resources highly in the UK so people can afford them—and we sell them to our sister ministry, UK—AiG, at raw cost.
  3. I was then accused of being in this ministry for money—that I had a vested financial interest. I told him that he probably wouldn’t understand this, but I was in this ministry because of my burden to proclaim the gospel. I had to remind him that our budget is probably very small compared to London’s Natural History Museum budget—and that compared to secular institutions, we were very small.
  4. He told me I had a very “slick” presentation. I said if you mean it came across well, then that is because I am using the gift of communication the Lord gave me.

Anyhow, I invited him to the Creation Museum.

Yes, another eventful day in the life a traveling AiG speaker!

Talked Creation the Whole Way Home

AiG cannot reach everyone, every church, of course. However, the more we equip people (like the Laytons in Asia) with an understanding of the message and resources, they will effectively reach others. The message is spreading. I trust this testimony below will encourage you to see if there are ways you might be able to disseminate this vital creation/gospel message to others:

Your recent presentation at the VCY radio rally in Milwaukee was great. By the amount of attendance at this event, it's obvious the Answers In Genesis ministry is making a significant impact.

I was thankful my family got to meet you. We talked creation the whole way home. The next morning, Sunday, I approached a friend about doing another creation science Bible study. She agreed, and the small group leader gave us 8 weeks starting in September. This will be the second time we have taught a creation study in our church.

This is amazing. Not so long ago I was a card-carrying evolutionist. AIG, ICR, CSE etc., have all played a part in my re-education wearing my biblical glasses. Thank you for your ministry and thank you all the people involved in this ministry. You’re on the winning team.

AiG Materials and Children of First-Generation Believers

In addition to our speaking ministry worldwide, we are glad to hear of confirmation of the importance of the resources we provide people. You will love this feedback:

I just wanted to let you know that the materials you are producing for children is having a tremendous effect upon my children. I am currently homeschooling my two boys ages 6 and 7. We use your design for life curriculum and many of your books and movies about creation and dinosaurs. We also attended your summer Family Camp in 2007. They have a very good understanding of what evolution is and that it doesn't make sense.

I just wanted you to know that while my son was at my mom's house, he was watching ‘Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel,’ and when it finished and my mom went to change out the DVD, she turned to me and very seriously said, ‘I consider that to be borderline brainwashing.’ (She does not approve of my homeschooling or that I am a Christian.) I am not good at replying quickly on my feet, but I replied, ‘Really, I consider that to be teaching my children how to think.’

My husband and I are first generation believers in Christ for both of our families, and I found what she said to be quite funny. I thought you might enjoy hearing that your videos do not just teach our children, but also confront many others with the truth. Please continue to teach the truth and I am truly thankful for the ministry you are providing to families like ourselves. My God's blessing continue to be upon you.

Devotion: Till no one we know can say nobody has ever told me before

(Isa 6:5,7—9) Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips . . . thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged. Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. And he said, Go, and tell this people.

For all we know and meet our goal as cleansed sinners is to tell it again, tell it again, the salvation story till no one we know can say nobody has ever told me before.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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