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Dr. Christian Wei (from Saipan), one of the Christian leaders who attended the International Training Seminar last week, spoke powerfully to the AiG staff in a special devotion on the theme of coping with troubles. He spoke of Christian persecution in some Asian nations and challenged all of us to learn from God’s Word concerning coping with persecution and troubles.


His talk was so powerfully presented that I thought you all should have the opportunity to listen to it. You can listen here.


We receive so many testimonies from people after they visit the Creation Museum. I have included this quite touching one for you to read:

Back in January, our church loaded up 40 people and 5 vehicles for a trip to the museum. (Keep in mind that our church only runs 30–40 people on a “good” Sunday!) There was much excitement as we got closer to our destination. We pulled into the parking lot (having been directed which way to go by a very nice police officer/guard, standing in the cold and drizzle!) and parked our vehicles. No sooner had we gotten out of our vans, we were met with one of the museum staff. They took us to the very door we needed to be at, let us hang up our coats, and directed me to the check-in counter. EVERYTHING was done painlessly and was so streamlined. We had our picture taken, and then we were off!

What a day it was. Our youngest attendee was 3 years old, and our oldest was in her 80s—and they all had a wonderful time. Our biggest group within our group were elementary kids and teenagers. When asked what their favorite part of the museum was, they said it was a close tie between the planetarium and the Men in White production. We come from a small community in Eastern Kentucky, and some of our folks had never been to a planetarium or a multi-sensory theater.

Let me just say, we had one gentleman in his 70s [who] had never been to a planetarium, and to say he was moved by your presentation would be a drastic understatement . . . he’s still talking about it. He just kept saying with tears in his eyes, “Our God is so big; our God is just so big.”
As for the multi-sensory theater, my husband and I noticed at once the “squirters” in the chair in front of us, but we didn’t say anything to the rest of our folks . . . boy was that funny. We took our time going through the exhibit . . . one of the favorites being Noah’s Ark.

I can recall being at the end of the garden, getting ready to go into the “results of sin” part and saying to my husband, “Do we have to go?” Excellent in every way!! I learned so much!! I never gave any credence to the idea of an Ice Age, but the exhibits explained the possibility so well. The way that reading, watching, listening, and experiencing were all mixed together made for an EXCELLENT learning experience. The theaters interspersed throughout were really nice in breaking up the tour.


A 12-year-old girl sent us a poem after visiting the Creation Museum. She obviously understood the message to write this outstanding poem:

The Seven C’s of History

Creation is the first Of the seven C’s God made the earth and all that’s in it The grass and all the trees

Corruption is what happened next The man God made did wrong Because of that the earth is cursed And thorns have come along

Catastrophe: the fate of all Because the sin had spread God sent a Flood to kill all men All but eight were dead

Confusion happened after that God mixed it all around They planned to build a big tall tower To heaven from the ground

Christ was the key To save us from hell That’s where we were going Because Adam fell

The Cross was how our lamb was killed Our lamb was God’s own son He took our punishment of death He died for everyone

Consummation is the end Heaven’s where we’ll go Jesus’s death has brought us life That’s why it is so

These are the C’s of history The course of life on earth Beginning, end, and in between Death and then new birth.


(Prov 10:16) The labour of the righteous tendeth to life (Prov 11:30) The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.

As soul winners we labor to bring life to the dead, when we preach the Gospel we are bringing to the lost that message that if obeyed can bring them life.


Well yesterday was one of those evil computer days!! My computer hard drive had to be reformatted. However, we have such excellent IT staff—they not only reformatted it Monday afternoon, but were able to restore most of the programs so I could use my computer that evening! Such is life in an electronic world! Sometimes I think computers have inbuilt viruses sent just to annoy us!!!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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