New Noah’s Ark Exhibit at the Creation Museum

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In time (hopefully) for the 12-month anniversary celebration week at the Creation Museum in late May, Stephanie and Carolyn (two of our talented sculptors) have been finishing off a new exhibit for the Voyage Room as part of the Noah’s Ark exhibit in the museum. A number of other staff members are working with them for the lighting/fiber optics etc.

I have included a photograph of Stephanie and Carolyn as they were working on the exhibit.


I have also included other photographs of the exhibit showing the exquisite miniatures they have sculpted.

100-1798_img.JPG 100-1799_img.JPG 100-1800_img.JPG

The exhibit also uses mirrors so that as people look into the section from the Ark, they will get more of a sense of the size of the inside of the Ark.

100-1802_img.JPG 100-1803_img.JPG

Look for the new exhibit opening in about 2–3 weeks. (Right now museum visitors will see this section boarded up until every detail has been taken care of so it can be finished.)

As of Saturday, over 381,000 visitors have come to the Creation Museum. We are still well on track to reach around 400,000 by the 12-month anniversary (in about 3½ weeks).


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