AiG Gets “Down Under” Publicity

by Ken Ham on April 3, 2008

Because of the international publicity being received for the Creation Museum (in fact, another Japanese TV crew is at the museum today), and the ongoing outreaches of various aspects of the AiG ministry (including Dr. Crandall’s worldwide outreach and the spread of Answers magazine around the world), we are getting more and more responses from people overseas. We are seeing an increased number of responses from my homeland of Australia, for instance. Here are two that arrived in the past couple of days:

Just a note to let you know that the Creation Museum featured on national TV (channel 10) last night as part of a sketch routine in the comedy festival. Typically derisive, but interesting to note how the message is reaching around the world. Keep the good work up. [Even bad publicity is publicity we have found]
Just thought I’d let you know that there was a report about the Creation Museum on the radio in Melbourne, Australia, this morning. The radio station was 774 ABC, and the report was from an Australian correspondent Mark Simpkin, who took his children to see the museum. Apparently he ate at the same restaurant as Ken Ham the day before his visit. He was very impressed with the quality of the site and spoke in favourable terms about what he saw. The host of the show (Red Symons) is a bit on the cynical side when it comes to creation issues, but he did ask if Adam in the display had a belly button—Mark said it was one thing he forgot to check.”
I remember meeting Mark at the restaurant with his wife and two beautiful children. He remembered interviewing me when the Creation Museum opened last May. He visited the Creation Museum on his family vacation.


It has been a grueling trip (with a few days of ministry yet to go) here in the U.K.—but the blessings have been very special. Let me give you just some of the highlights (I wish I could put everything in writing, but it would take too long):


On Tuesday night at Grimsby (another excited crowd by the way), I was introduced to a man who told me he was studying Christianity but he had so many questions. His friend introduced him to the AiG website—where he spent many hours looking up articles and getting his questions answered. He told me of one particular question that the Lord used the answer to speak to him—and he committed his life to the Lord. This is just another example of the ongoing outreach of the AiG website—until we meet such people as this man, we don’t even know the effect it is having on people’s lives.


On Monday in England, I spoke to the 6th and 5th “formers” (Grader 11 and 12) and the Christian Union group at a school. I also had time for questions. One student asked the question, “If Adam and Even had Cain and Abel, where did all the people come from?” It’s the classic “Where did Cain get his wife” question. A teacher asked why Genesis couldn’t be symbolic—another student asked a similar question. One student asked if you had to believe in a young earth to be a Christian (I, of course, explained it was by faith in Christ one is saved—but showed this student that by not believing in Genesis as literal history, you were undermining the authority of Scripture).

I did receive a lot of positive feedback from these Liverpool meetings. One student was so excited, he called his vicar and asked him to go to the public meeting at night—which he did. That was also in Liverpool, where the auditorium was packed (around 500 or more people for that evening).

People are HUNGRY for materials. We actually sold all the books/DVDs we had allocated for Liverpool and for another evening’s meeting later—we had to restock much earlier than expected.

It was thrilling to see that in Liverpool, six churches combined to support the public meeting—they are so concerned about the state of the nation. But more and more Christians are starting to understand that the creation ministry is at the cutting edge of where the real battle is at for the authority of God’s Word.


I met a missionary to Papua New Guinea while in Liverpool. This man was a medical doctor—but he gave up his medical practice so he and his family could be missionaries to a pagan people. He said that the material from AiG has been a great help to him. One of the big questions from the native people he is working with concerned the origin of the “races.” The doctor said that he taught chronologically through Scripture, and many have been saved.


On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to speak for 2 hours to the students at the New Tribes Mission headquarters in England. Again, tremendous responses—many of the students also came to the public meeting (and helped us pack up afterwards). The New Tribes group teaches a chronological approach to Bible teaching—which is the approach AiG also takes.


At each U.K. meeting, I show pictures of the Creation Museum and some of the museum videos. So many have said they now plan on flying over. I think we will have a lot of U.K. visitors to the Creation Museum in the future.

Please pray for the cities of Bedford, Leicester, and London—the three remaining meetings (with the London meetings being a two-day conference).


“My son”

(Prov. 3:1) My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments:

When lost we ran from God’s threatening law, but after being saved & adopted, we ran to God’s law as the description of our loving Father who called us my son.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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