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As I continue a speaking tour of the United Kingdom that started last week, here is what’s happening back in the Colonies (as some English people call the USA!):


Last year on this blog, I mentioned that two of our staff, husband-and-wife Rich and Geri Campbell in our museum’s guest services team, were honored by the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau as “Bureau heroes of the month” for service above and beyond. The award was presented to them—in a surprise ceremony—inside our museum’s Special Effects Theater.

A few days ago at the annual meeting of the NKCVB—where it was reported that tourism is way up in northern Kentucky (where our museum is located, not coincidentally—with 5,700 visitors on Friday and Saturday, we are certainly boosting tourism!)—the Campbells received the annual “Bureau Hero” award for 2007 (out of several nominees). To see a photo of the Campbells at that meeting and to learn about their superior hospitality in helping some stranded museum guests (whose car broke down), read the wonderful account on our museum blog at: LIAR?

Last week Dr. David Menton was nice enough to stay up late one night to engage in a radio debate with three advocates of embryonic stem-cell research. This was on the “Rick Amato Show” on KCBQ radio in the San Diego area—by the way, I used to live only two miles from this station when I lived in the San Diego suburb of Santee (someone told me, though, that the studios have moved). While the host was fair, we certainly wondered why it was 3 against 1–and then two others joined the program by phone who were also in favor of embryonic stem-cell research!

Dr. Menton cleared up a misconception: Christians ARE for stem-cell research—as long as it’s adult stem cells, not using cells taken from embryos.

At one point, one of the debaters actually called Dr. Menton a “liar”! Dr. Menton had just said (correctly) that there have been no clinical successes from using embryonic stem cells. Dr. Menton shot back to the accuser with: “Name one success.” Well, the man couldn’t, and could only sputter: “One day there will be.”

When we last checked, the program had not been archived on Mr. Amato’s site ( or on the KCBQ site, but you may want to check later.

For our perspective of the stem-cell debate, see the article by AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom at:


A California appeals court which had ruled on Feb. 28 that “parents do not have a constitutional right [in California] to home school their children” now says that, after intense criticism, it will look at the issue again this summer. Homeschool boosters nationwide were concerned that the California decision might set an example that other states would follow. The appeals court had overturned a lower court decision that had ruled parents do have a right to homeschooling in that state.

See this article for more info:


Lastly, read our movie review of the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed film (coming to theaters April 18) on our homepage and get ready to see this excellent film that exposes the heavy-handed tactics of evolutionists as they suppress dissent. Call your pastor about the film and ask him to push it. Send him our web article, too.

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