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Yesterday (Friday) was a busy day at the Creation Museum in many ways. The parking lot was full of cars and vans, and many Buses/Coaches also brought groups of adults and students. The crowds are starting to increase again as Spring approaches.

We also had a visit from C.G. Hukkeri. He is from India, and runs a Planetarium in his home town. He came to ask if he could get a license to translate and show AiG-produced Planetarium programs. We of course were delighted at the opportunity and will be working with Mr. Hukkeri and Dr. David Crandall (AiG Worldwide Director) to make this happen.

I have attached two photographs—one of Dr. Jason Lisle (who programs the Planetarium programs), myself, Mr. Hukkeri and a Youth Pastor who brought our special guest. The other photograph is of myself and Mr. Hukkeri.



AiG has just published a Small Groups Apologetics Study written by my brother Stephen. Stephen formulated this course in Australia to equip people at his church’s home group to reach people with the gospel. This group saw more people come to the Lord than any other Home Group. One person (Terry Cave) converted through this course and contributed to the writing of the program. (Terry flew from Australia last summer to meet me and tour the Creation Museum.) Stephen and I will be speaking in the Las Vegas area this coming Wednesday evening, and Stephen will be officially releasing this course then. It will be available through the AiG website and other places.


This Sunday, I will be speaking at the two morning services and then two different programs in the afternoon and evening at Blackshear Baptist Church in Flowery Branch (northeast of Atlanta). Our website has all the details.

This coming Wednesday evening, my brother Stephen and I will be giving one presentation each in Las Vegas. See the AiG website for details.

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