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On the last day of the convention of the National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville, where a few of our AiG staff attended (and where we had a large exhibit that promoted our radio program, website, and other outreaches— see the photo), we saw a number of well-known Christian leaders: Dr. James Dobson, Pastor Charles Stanley, etc. However, there was someone there who was even better known—in fact, the most-famous person in the world: President George Bush.

Mr. Bush gave a 40-minute talk to NRB attendees that dealt with the overall topic of freedom: in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq and also freedom in the media. In his reference to Christian media, he especially noted the efforts of those who want to reinstate the misnamed “Fairness Doctrine,” where Christian (and secular) radio and TV stations would have to offer equal time to spokespersons of unbiblical viewpoints. For example, if we stated on our Answers radio program that so-called “gay” marriage was against the Bible, then stations carrying our program must seek out gay activists to present the other side and offer them equal air time.

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Also shown here is a panorama of the NRB exhibit hall and a photo of our AiG exhibit.




Yesterday, I had the opportunity to personally meet Ben Stein (who stars in the Expelled movie) and to again see a preview of this very revealing movie (that we are encouraging all our supporters to see).

After the showing at NRB, the crowd jumped up cheering and gave a standing ovation. Christians are tired of being beaten down, and they are excited when a movie like Expelled (which is not a Christian movie, but an excellent one nonetheless) exposes the loss of freedoms in America, the academic bias/snobbery, and the censorship of anything pertaining to God.

AiG has told the producers we will promote and support Expelled, and we ask you to get your churches to buy out theaters—invite school board members and other leaders in the community—invite your neighbors and friends.

Watch for the lead article on AiG’s website tomorrow (Thursday) with more information on Expelled; plus, see a photo of Mr. Stein as we chatted before the film showing.


This Sunday, I will be speaking at the morning services and then a 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. meeting at Blackshear Place Baptist Church in Flowery Branch, Georgia (northeast of Atlanta). I will also be going to Georgia early to visit with some very special friends/supporters of AiG. You can find out more information about these meetings from AiG’s event calendar.


A few months ago, my brother Stephen (who lives in Australia) told me he had to come to the USA to Las Vegas for a conference. (He is a financial planner, and one of the investment companies he works with is sending a number of people to this conference.) I decided to travel to Las Vegas so I could visit with my younger brother (nearly 20 years younger than me). We called a church close to Las Vegas to see if they were interested in having a one-night AiG conference. They jumped at the opportunity. So, Wednesday evening next week, my brother Stephen and I will be speaking in Nevada.

Stephen has also written a curriculum for small group study called Answers for Life, based on the Creation Evangelism philosophy. Stephen was able to lead a number of people to the Lord through this study—and because of its success, AiG decided to publish the curriculum. Actually, a non-profit organization from Australia has even paid all the publication costs. Stephen will be talking about this curriculum at the Nevada meeting and the curriculum will be released for the very first time at this meeting.

I also received a request this week to speak at a luncheon meeting of Christian media on the same Wednesday we are in Nevada—I will have more information about that in the next couple of days.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying.


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