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The New York Times reported on a movie critic who blasted the upcoming movie Expelled. The article stated:

Mr. Moore . . . proceeded to write perhaps the harshest review “Expelled” has received thus far. The film will open April 18, but has been screened several times privately for religious audiences. Mr. Moore deplored what he perceived as “loaded images, loaded rhetoric, few if any facts” and accused Mr. Stein of using a “Holocaust denier’s” tactics.
Which, of course, was exactly the reaction the moviemakers were hoping to avoid by keeping mainstream critics out.
Mr. Stein said in a telephone interview that he had not read Mr. Moore’s review, but that “being compared with a Holocaust denier is nonsense,” adding, “This guy is extremely confused.” He said he decided to participate in the project because “there’s just a lot of people who don’t believe that big science and Darwinism should have a stranglehold on academic life, and they have been waiting for a voice.
Of course the secular world does not want people to see this movie—they don’t want people to find out about the censorship in the culture, the academic snobbery and arrogance, and the intolerance of the secular academic world for anyone who even tries to question the validity of evolution—or even suggest there could be an intelligence (even if a vague intelligence) behind the universe. The secular world doesn’t want the average American to understand about the loss of freedoms, and the erosion of freedom of speech in this country. The secular elite doesn’t want the average person to know that evolution is not fact and that there is overwhelming evidence of a great intelligence (the God of the Bible, of course) behind the universe.

See my previous blogs for what I’ve written on the Expelled movie. Also look for AiG’s lead article on Thursday that specifically covers information about Expelled.

The New York Times article continues:

The film, which takes a position on intelligent design shared by President Bush, has also been shown at California Baptist University and the Dallas Theological Seminary. Glowing reviews have popped up on, whose co-chief executive, Ken Ham, founded the Creation Museum, and in The American Spectator, whose senior editor, Tom Bethell, said that the movie evoked “tears of joy.”
Well—I’m not sure what “co-chief executive” means (that must be a title the New York Times decided to give me)—but it is true I have given a glowing review of this movie.

This afternoon, at the NRB conference in Nashville, we will again see a preview of the movie. I also hope to get a photograph with myself and Ben Stein that will appear in AiG’s April newsletter (Answers Update), where I have written a lead article promoting Expelled.

Well—we live in interesting times.

Make sure you plan to go to the Expelled movie—and get your church to go—and your neighbors and friends—and drag your local school board along too!

Interestingly, a scientist sent in the following comment relating the Wizard of Oz to the Expelled movie—actually, Expelled in one place does exactly that with a small section of the movie shown in association with the point being made. The scientist who wrote to us stated:

Remember the Wizard of Oz movie? All the people knew the wizard to be the greatest person in the whole land, but specifically, recall the “wizard’s castle.” To me, the evolutionary view is much like that of the people in the Wizard of Oz. The “arguments” of the evolutionists, if not taught with any other suppositions, are akin to the wizard’s perceived ability without having “his curtain” being pulled aside. I believe that teaching true science means giving all the possible reasons of what we observe in the present time. This means allowing a creation-believing teacher—or “Toto,” if you will—to pull back the curtain from the wizard of the evolutionists, which this curtain they claim to be science, but it is really not. When stripped of the axioms of the evolutionists, most students are well able to then critically think and question the present-day observed evidences.
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