AiG Worldwide Visits Japan and Thailand

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This week Dr. David Crandall (director of AiG WorldWide) has been ministering and having meetings in Japan and representing AiG and Answers WorldWide. He has had extensive meetings with the Japanese creation ministry called Creation Research Japan. This is a group of over 500 creationists across Japan who are committed to the authority of the Bible and take a strong young-earth-and-6-literal-days-of-creation position.

Dr. Crandall reports that AiG and CRJ have created a strong partnership agreement that will include massive translations of AiG books and DVDs into Japanese, an AiG Event with me in 2009 to have live translations of 6 of my talks, and Japanese tours to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky.

Michiko Mizumura is the operational director of this vibrant ministry, and her passion for creationism and to take that message to her people is profound. Dr. Crandall has highly commended her for her work for the Lord.

Dr. Kiyoshi Takahashi is the President of CRJ and is very thankful for our new partnership and the exciting potential of ministering together. He pastors Nishitaga Bible Baptist Church, gives creation talks, and serves as the leader of CRJ. His Science (PhD) background and pastoral experience make him a very capable leader of this national organization.


Picture 1 – Part of their board


Picture 2 - Part of their 10-member board


Picture 3 – Michiko and Dr. Crandall


Picture 4 - Dr. Kiyoshi Takahashi

Please pray for Dr. Crandall on this trip (he continues on to Thailand)—I will include more reports from him in future blogs. These are exciting times as AiG reaches out around the world with the message of biblical authority and the gospel.

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